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11 Must-Haves For Your 2020 Desk Setup

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11 Must-Haves For Your 2020 Desk Setup

How we work is very much affected by where we work.

As we increasingly spend more and more time at our desks - be it in the office or in our homes - it's important to ensure that it's equipped and organised to facilitate work and focus.

Because we're all for optimising for productivity to get more "Me" time.

Let's cut the boring intro and get into some items that will elevate your efficiency and workspace aesthetics.


1. All Hail, Thy Desk

Probably the most existential item on the list. Because without it, would there even be a list?

Finding the perfect desk can make or break your productivity.

Ever since working from home and having to spend even longer hours at the desk, we got our eyes on the tables from Omnidesk.

Omnidesk Pro

Source: Omnidesk

Omnidesk makes some really cool and premium electric standing desk.

Based on your elevation needs, you can adjust the height of the table whenever you like with the press of a button.

Best of all, you can customise your desk based on your needs. Need cable management? Add that on. Need a headphone mount? They got you covered too.

If you're looking for a desk that really has your needs covered, it might be worth your time to check out Omnidesk, especially their Pro 2020 Series models.


2. Just Desk Mat-ters

Subtle regrets for that sub-heading but when it's time to enhance your table aesthetic, you'll definitely not regret getting a desk mat.

And when it comes to desk mats, we love this affordable yet premium design from Satechi that's bound to get your desk looking a whole lot more swank.

Satechi Deskmate

Source: Satechi

Its premium eco-leather design has a smooth and elegant feel and works great to protect your desk from any scratches.

It's durable and water-resistant material ensures you can use this for the long-term, making it a great investment.


3. Click-Clack Board

Click... clack clack clack clack.

For many, this sound would remind them of an ancient relic computer keyboard of the past.

And for some reason, the clicking sound of keyboards can be surprisingly quite inspiring and addictive.

Inspiring we say? Keyboard sounds?

Yeah, we like to think so, because it gives you a vibe to keep going and typing like your on a roll. So let those thoughts flow.

In the market, there are plenty of keyboard specialists, but we love the mechanical keyboards from Keychron for the retro touch it adds to our setups.

Source: Keychron


4. Angles Matter

If you're the kind that prefers to work straight from your laptop, you might be interested in a laptop stand if you're looking to get that eye-level elevation.

If you're not keen yet, we like to share that having your laptop screen at eye level is really helpful for relieving strain in your neck and eyes, as you will not be constantly looking downwards.

Just pair a keyboard with it and you're ready to go.

With laptop stands, we're really digging the pieces from Grovemade, which look absolutely gorgeous with its wood finish to get your desk looking better and yourself working better.


Source: Grovemade


5. Light It Up

Study rooms can be quite boring and dull but did you know that different lights and colours can have a huge impact on your mind, including things like focus and concentration?

Maybe it's time to add a little colour to your workspace.

Transform your space with smart modular lighting that is bound to get you in the mood.

And when it comes to these smart lights, nothing compares to Nanoleaf for their aesthetics and function.

Customise your design and choose from over 16 million colours to light up your space. Check out our full range of Nanoleaf smart lights here.

Nanoleaf Canvas

 Source: Nanoleaf


6. Charging Never Looked So Good

You work hard for yourself and it's important to ensure the tools we use never run out of battery.

With a wireless charger, you can conveniently keep your devices powered all day.

The Sum DIAL is unlike any other wireless charger in the market.

Sum DIAL Wireless Charger

Source: Sum Products

Crafted from a solid block of aluminium, it also acts as a phone stand, featuring 360-degree rotation that can angle the phone to 29 degrees, an optimal viewing angle, so you don't have to crane your neck to look at your phone.

With convenient and intuitive Qi-certified fast wireless charging, you're bound to love having this simple and modern tool on your desk to keep you charged through the day. Check out the Sum DIAL here.


7. Everything You Need In A Device That Plays Sound

We always love to have a great speaker nearby to play music out loud that we can jazz to as we're working or for chill sessions in between.

You can easily find all sort of speakers in the market, mainly differing in their technical specs and not so much in design.

That's why we're currently in love with the Tivoo-Max from Divoom.

Tivoo Max

Source: Tivoo-Max by scorpio.exe

Not only does it function as a great Bluetooth speaker, but it allows you to create unique pixel art to be displayed on the device.

Best of all, it doubles as an alarm clock. What more can you ask for?


8. Ahh... A Warm Cup Of Coffee

For those that start your morning routines with a cup of coffee, you might want to check out this really cool mug from Ember that will keep your coffee warm throughout the long meetings and video calls.

Ember Mug

Dubbed as the world's first temperature control mug, the Ember Mug is able to keep your drink perfectly warm and maintain an exact drinking temperature so that your coffee is never too hot, or too cold.

Keep yourself working knowing you have a nice, warm cup of coffee by your side to power you through the day.


9. *Hands Get Itchy*

Deep thoughts happen very often at the work desk. And when we're deep in thoughts, our hands love to get fidgety.

Be snapping our fingers or finger tapping on the table, it has become a subconscious action that now helps drive our thoughts.

That's why we love a great fidget tool to be on standby when we're in the zone.

A recent fidget tool that we've come to love is the Mezmoglobe.


Source: Mezmoglobe

In short, it is a precision-machined sphere that's addictively easy to spin and creates a full-body optical illusion when spun.

So keep the sphere spinning and keep your ideas flowing.


10. The Mighty Pen and Paper

Most of the world's best ideas started with a simple pen and paper. 

One handy tool to have on your desk is a paper tray so that you can easily access blank canvases to started penning your next big idea.

We love this leather paper tray from Lucrin for its professional and clean look, albeit it can be quite costly.

Lucrin Paper Tray

For those that like a blend of the physical and digital when it comes to writing, we have found the Neo Smartpen to be a great companion.

You can write normally with pen and paper and then have your notes stored digitally to never have to worry about losing them again.

Easily search and find notes when you need them, or share them seamlessly across various platforms. We only wished we found this gadget earlier.

Neo Smartpen


11. All Hail, Thy Ass

And to end the list, what is a desk setup if you had nothing to sit your ass down?

Over the years, we come to love this homegrown brand that has managed to build a global following for its award-winning gaming chairs.

Secretlab has a few models under its range but we like the Titan series mainly for its adjustable lumbar support.

It also has adjustable armrests to help you match it to the height of your table for better ergonomics. These chairs are so comfortable you'll forget you're seating on one.

Secretlab Titan

Source: Secretlab Titan by @fon.edit


Let's Get Working

We hope our mini list of items will give you inspiration on how you can up your desk setup game to boost productivity and aesthetics.

If you have any product suggestions, do drop us a comment below and we'll be sure to check it out.