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Kaelyn Chua - June 2021

5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Work With The Neo Smartpen M1+

Time is money. A smart pen can drastically improve your workflow and productivity if you know how to use it correctly. We've listed down 5 ways you can use the Neo Smartpen M1+ to do just that. 

#1 Use The N Blank Planner

N Notebooks

Getting into the habit of planning is one of the best ways to increase your productivity. The N Blank Planner is a 150 x 210 mm sized wire-bounded 152 pages diary that works in conjunction with Neo Smartpen M1+ to convert handwriting into digital form. You can write in the planner and edit on your smartphone by highlighting or colouring your handwritten notes in the Neo Notes application.

The N Blank Planner has weekly, monthly and yearly planner pages that you can enter the date freely and there are plenty of squared pages for notes. You can also share your notes with others to inform them of your plans or email a single page in PDF file format by putting a tick or poking the mail icon with Neo smartpen. The planner also syncs with Evernote, Google Drive, or Adobe CC allowing you to review and revise your schedule anytime. 

#2 Convert Your Handwriting to Text

Neo Smartpen M1+

Instead of manually transcribing your written notes into digital ones, the Neo Smartpen M1+ can do it for you. When using the Neo Smartpen, you don't even have to pair it with your device for it to function, the Neo Smartpen will actually record your notes offline, which you can then transfer into your Neo Studio App when you go online. The pen will be able to store up to 1,000 pages of content in this way.

When the pen is synced to the Neo Studio App, every stroke you write will be automatically transferred into the digital copy in real-time. The App will then store all your writing records for you to refer at a later date. You can also utilise the auto-sync function to store your digital notes across platforms like Evernote, Adobe, OneNote, or Google Drive. When done so, every notebook is saved to a separate folder with every page saved as an individual PDF file.

#3 Record Real-Time Audio For Playback

Neo Smartpen M1+

When taking notes or writing things down in a meeting scenario, it can be tough to find a good balance between aesthetics and efficiency especially for those with messy handwriting. With the Neo Smartpen M1+, you can focus 100% of your attention on absorbing and taking down all the required information knowing that you have access to basic editing tools in post. 

The Neo Studio App allows you to highlight text, change the colour of text, change your text brushstroke, and add more notes to the text with your finger or a stylus. An eraser tool is also available for you to delete unnecessary text that you wish to remove from your digital copy, which is really handy in helping you clean your notes up before sharing it with others. This way, you can have notes that are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful.

#5 Find What You Need

Neo Smartpen M1+

It can be time-consuming to flip through all your notes to find the information you need, especially if you're a diligent note-taker. With the Neo Smartpen M1+, you can search for information and easily retrieve what you need in a snap once your physical notes are transcribed into text. You can also tag certain pages with keywords to better organise your notes.

If you've written the word on a certain page, you can pull up the search bar in the Neo Studio App and search for the word. The application will then pull up all the pages with this word to allow you to easily sieve through them and find what you need. This means you'll spend less time flipping through pages and spend more time actually being productive.

Final Thoughts

Productivity is a hard thing to master. Taking notes with traditional writing implements can be inefficient and impractical in the long run. Meanwhile, taking notes on an iPad or tablet lack the authentic feel of pen and paper and can even serve as additional distractions that hinder productivity. The Neo Smartpen M1+ serves as a good compromise between these two options, leveraging on the strengths of each option to deliver features made to truly maximise your productivity. 

To see the full collection for Neo Smartpen Singapore, visit the link here or visit our physical store Synced @ Plaza Singapura Level 3 #03-65.

Neo Smartpen M1+
Neo Smartpen M1+
Neo Smartpen M1+
Neo Smartpen M1+
Neo Smartpen M1+ with N Notebook - District
Neo Smartpen M1+ with N Notebook - District

Neo Smartpen M1+

This smartpen gives you all the comforts of physical writing while digitising your work in real-time.
  • Keep all your precious records on paper digitally
  • Easily search for what you need
  • Never lose your notes again
  • Send and share your notes instantly


Good design made better. The digital convenience of analog writing.

The digital pen is equipped with an optical sensor, and each sheet of N Notebooks has unique Ncode symbols that only the Neo Smartpen recognizes. M1+'s sensor reads the barely-visible codes and captures the strokes you've written on the Ncoded pages, then saves them digitally. Everything you write or draw is automatically digitized into your device when you go online (compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Bluetooth-enabled computers).


Good design made better.

The compact and simple design of the Neo Smartpen M1+ allows a better writing experience than ever. Now, the M1+ has 3 times more battery life (125 days on standby, 17 hours of typical writing, 6.5 hours of continuous writing). It’s even more intuitive to use, offering automatic on and off functions (on when the pen cap is opened, standby when not in use), 100MB of built-in storage space, and the use of standard D1 pen tips that can be replaced when the ink cartridge is empty.


A functional companion application.

The Neo Notes app allows you to convert analog writing into text through transcription. The app supports up to 15 languages and works with many cloud and note-taking apps, including Evernote, Adobe Creative Cloud, One Note, and Google Drive. Within the app, you can search, edit, share, backup, autosave, tag, and use calendar view and handwriting recognition features. You can also record lectures while writing using this app, and even playback the voice recording since it's integrated with the handwriting.

NOTE: Neo Smartpen DOES NOT have an internal mic, so the recording feature uses your smart device's microphone.

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