Linus Tan - 21 Jan 2021

Run In Virtual Worlds:
Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Among the options, running regularly has proven to be a great way to help you stay fit and healthy, boost your immunity and mood, and also train your mental strength and discipline.

When it comes to running, outdoor and indoor options are equally popular among people — some opting for the track, while others hitting the gym. While running outdoors is great to enjoy the scenery, many opt for indoor options like the treadmill for a more stable and consistent exercise. Today, we take a look at a different kind of treadmill, one that's a little bit smarter — the Amazfit AirRun. Let's run.

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

Make Running Fun Again

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

Amazfit AirRun transforms at-home running into fun and interactive sport. Equipped with Bluetooth, you can connect the treadmill to virtual worlds on Zwift to take your run online with the running community. Run with friends from the comfort of your home or make new exercise buddies virtually from around the world.


The simulated environment enabled by Zwift helps keep you motivated and energised to reach your fitness goals. Pace and push yourself to achieve new personal bests with motivation from the online running community. Structured workouts and trainings are also available to train you to become a better athlete. It's time to connect and run with the world around you.

Run Like The Outdoors

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

Amazfit AirRun was engineered to make indoor running as natural as the outdoors. A couple of key features are built into the treadmill to make running a smooth and enjoyable experience at home.

1. Running Belt

Amazfit AirRun is designed with an extra-wide pure running belt of 500mm and a running belt length of 1300mm, all supplemented by a sunken motor design to give you the freedom and space you need to run comfortably. The anti-slip and wear-resistant diamond-pattern running belt and soft rubber edge strips provide you with a more comfortable footfall and higher safety. Enjoy the stability and openness of outdoor running.

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

2. Running Board

Amazfit AirRun has eight shock-absorbers that are installed between the running board and the mainframe to achieve a smooth footfall without feeling too hard or soft, or feeling the recoil force and secondary recoil force. This helps protect the knee and reduce the noise even at high speeds to not disturb the neighbours.

3. Running Speed with Safety Mechanisms

Easily control the Amazfit AirRun to go from 1km/h to 15km/h. Along with the speed control, there is also an emergency stop cord and a sudden slow down button if you find yourself in trouble while running. The anti-slip rubber belt helps make sure you do not slip in the process of quick speed changes in order to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

Designed With Usability In Mind

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

Amazfit AirRun was made for the home to be used easily by anyone of all ages. Its thoughtful design incorporated in a couple of main components to help elevate the overall experience from storage to usage.

1. Minimal

With its connected design, the Amazfit AirRun can be completely folded in 5 seconds using only your bare hands to reclaim 80% of your space. The body has a rich texture with a metallic finish and there are almost no joints or exposed parts on the exterior surface, so as to keep the whole machine smooth and complete. You can easily store it under a bed or table to quickly and effectively save space in your room. It's convenient design allows it to even be used in small residences.

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

2. Surround Sound by JBL

Amazfit AirRun comes with two built-in JBL custom full-range speakers, featuring fast transient response and ultra-low distortion, providing you superior sound quality. Without wearing headphones, you can enjoy music with advanced sound quality to energise your workout and keep you running to the beat.

3. Convenient Daily Maintenance

Amazfit AirRun is able to send automatic maintenance prompts when necessary. The automatic detection activates immediately after power is turned on. Once the treadmill reaches a scheduled maintenance mileage, the treadmill will issue a reminder, so you do not have to worry about missing a scheduled maintenance. The oiler and maintenance tools are built into the rear corner as well for easy access and storage.

Final Thoughts

Amazfit AirRun Smart Treadmill.

Amazfit AirRun was designed and engineered to make indoor treadmill running more interactive and like the outdoors. You can run online with friends all from the comforts of your home and effectively burn calories as you stay fit and healthy. If you're looking to make running a more regular activity, the Amazfit AirRun is a great option when it comes to treadmills.

Amazfit AirRun retails for S$899 in Singapore and you can come experience it first-hand at our store, Synced by District.

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