Linus Tan - 12 Feb 2021

Your Personal Bedside Barista: Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

For many, we start our day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A morning ritual that is significant to how our day might look like — energetic and ready to go, or simply tired and listless. Some would prefer to grab and go from their favourite coffee house, whereas others would prefer to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee daily.

Today, we take a look at a really unique coffee brewer and alarm clock — or both. This is the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock by Joy Resolve. Let's get brewing.

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

Wake Up Gently To The Perfect Pour Over

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

The Barisieur is an automatic tea and coffee brewer for your bedroom and office. Featuring an alarm clock functionality, it can wake you up with a fresh brew every morning or have one ready as you walk into work.

Let the smell and sound of freshly brewed coffee or tea wake you up instead of a blaring alarm. You can set the Barisieur to start brewing 5 minutes before the alarm, on the alarm, or 5, 10, 15 minutes after the alarm. Or hold the 'Make' button for 3 seconds to brew-on-demand, anytime you like.

The alarm clock also has an Auto-Dimming & Auto Turn-Off function at night using a light sensor to ensure you can sleep in peace without distracting lights.

Coffee That's Brewed For Perfection

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

Designed to create the best coffee possible, the Barisieur comes with a two-layered mesh-filter that lets more coffee oils through, creating a full-bodied beverage without grittiness and sediment at the bottom of your cup. It is easy to clean and a great alternative to paper filters.

The fully redesigned shower head is made to mimic a gentle pour-over onto your ground coffee. Ensuring full and even immersion of the coffee grounds. A powerful and fast induction boiler gets water boiling to 94°C. The perfect temperature for your coffee or tea to fully extract without being burnt, ensuring full flavour. Enjoy your coffee at its best.

The Freshest Ingredients Every Morning

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

Embedded in the body of the Barisieur, there is a little coffee drawer that conveniently stores over a week's worth of ground coffee/tea in a sealed container with included stainless steel scoop. Scoop up a generous share of ground coffee and prepare for brewing.

A mini Peltier fridge is also built into the Barisieur. It stays cool at 3 to 5°C to help keep your milk fresh 24/7. Infrared sensors are used to detect if milk is present. If milk is not present, the fridge will not operate to save electricity.

Additionally, the Barisieur also comes with a removable wooden tray that can be used for serving, which also features a water-repellant varnish for easy cleaning. A convenient 5V USB-Port is also located on the back of the coffee brewer to power up your devices when you need.

Final Thoughts

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

The Barisieur was designed and engineered for coffee and tea lovers from around the world to reinvent the typical morning routine. Wake up to the fresh scent of brewing coffee or tea as the fragrance stimulates your senses. Your coffee brewer could not get any more personal than this.

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock retails for S$769 in Singapore and you can preorder a piece at here.

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