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The Best Massage Guns In Singapore 2023

By Linus Tan
Updated Jan 2023

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Branded massage guns can be a tricky landscape to navigate, after all what makes a $300 brand name massage gun stand out from a $30 generic one? Well, in this article we intend to pinpoint the standout merits of a few popular branded massage gun brands to help you identify which brand name massage gun could be the one for you.

On our list

#1 Best Overall Massage Gun: Theragun Pro

#2 Best Portable Massage Gun: Hyperice HyperVolt Go

#3 Best Value-For-Money Massage Gun: Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

#4 Best High Intensity Massage Gun: Tim Tam All-New PowerMassager™

#5 Best Budget: VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

Best Overall Massage Gun: Theragun Pro

Theragun Pro

Featured In

Pros: Two-year warranty, adjustable triangle handle, customisable speed options, high no-stall force

Cons: Extremely expensive

The Theragun PRO sits at the top of the throne of the Theragun models and seemingly of all massage guns in the market. It is also the only device in the range that is backed by an industry-leading 2-year warranty, giving you assurance of top-quality performance over the years.

The Theragun Pro features a patented Triangle design which provides users with a great degree of flexibility. An ergonomic triangle handle allows users to position their hand as needed for full-body reach, making it easy to target tricky areas such as your back and neck muscles without seeking outside help (or straining your arm). Additionally, the adjustable arm featured in the Theragun PRO model also prevents wrist strain and arm fatigue, making the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable. 

Theragun Pro

Customisable speed options allow you to treat both sensitive and tougher areas where you can select any speed between the scientifically calibrated 1750-2400 RPM range on the Therabody app. The Theragun Pro also comes with 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 220, 2400 percussions per minute) and 6 easy-to-clean massage head attachments.

No-stall force is essentially an indicator of the power and intensity a massage gun can provide and refers to the amount of pressure and force that can be applied before its motor stalls. Frequent stalling is the number one way most massage guns fail as at best it causes the battery life to deteriorate and at worst it can lead to motor burn-out. The Theragun Pro can withstand up to 27kg of no-stall force so you can press the Theragun as hard as you'd like into your skin for a truly satisfying deep tissue massage without the risk of stalling the motor.

Theragun Pro

Not only does the Theragun Pro come with a ridiculously high stall force, it also packs a serious punch. Amplitude measures how far the massage gun head will travel and how deep the gun will hit and the higher the amplitude, the more intense the massage will be. The Theragun Pro comes with a high quality Japanese industrial-grade motor engineered to precisely deliver 16 mm of amplitude at a speed of 40 percussions per second on the body. This allows for tissue penetration that is 60% deeper than average massagers, providing you with muscle relief and enhanced repair, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.

The price of power is often noise, even die-hard fans of the previous Theragun generations will admit that the Theragun is pretty loud. However, the new Theragun Pro 4th Generation now features a proprietary brushless motor with state-of-the-art sound insulation QuietForce Technology. This reduces the noise levels by up to 55% compared to the 3rd generation Theragun Pro, making the noise level unobtrusive in most situations.

Theragun Pro

The Theragun Pro has an equally impressive battery life with 150 minutes of battery life per charge and an extra battery included. Percussive therapy sessions typically last about 10 to 20 minutes each time hence the combined 300 minute battery life of the Theragun Pro can get you up to 30 sessions of use with a single charge!

Lastly, the Theragun Pro comes with a wealth of supplementary resources in the form of the Therabody application. The Therabody app serves as a your virtual physical therapist, learning from your real-time activity and behaviours through integration with major health apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health. It then uses this information to recommend curated personalised wellness routines created by Dr Jason and Therabody's team of physical therapists, trainers and health experts. The Theragun Pro is also bluetooth enabled and can be linked to the Therabody app to provide real time feedback on applied force and speed control. 

Theragun Pro

Overall, its easy to see why the Theragun Pro is the best percussive massage gun on the market but this perfection does come at a rather steep price catering the Theragun Pro towards more serious athletes and professionals who can better maximise the Theragun Pro's functions. So if you're looking for the best, the Theragun Pro is definitely it.

Find out more about Theragun's full range of 4th Generation Massage Guns here.

Theragun PRO

Unrivalled power

Remarkably quiet and professional-grade performance massage gun.

Best Portable Massage Gun: Hyperice HyperVolt Go

Hyperice HyperVolt Go

Featured In

Pros: Stylish compact ergonomic design, decent battery life

Cons: Only 2 massage heads, No carrying case

The HyperVolt Go weighs only 1.5 pounds and is about 1/3 the size of regular-sized massage guns, but this doesn't mean it packs 1/3 the power of regular massage guns. The travel-friendly design of the HyperVolt Go makes it means it doesn't add any noticeable weight to your bag which makes it perfect for everyday use at the gym or on-the-go.

The HyperVolt Go features an angled 15 degree ergonomic handle design making it comfortable to hold which reduces wrist fatigue commonly associated with bigger bulkier massage guns. The power and speed control buttons are also located conveniently on the handle at your fingertips, which makes for an intuitive one-button user experience. 

Hyperice HyperVolt Go

The Hypervolt Go is quieter than most massage guns on the market thanks to Hyperice's QuietGlide technology which keeps the noise level down on all three speeds, making the same amount of noise as a small fan or microwave. Don't let the quiet nature of the Hypervolt Go fool you, it is engineered to deliver deep percussive therapy at 3,200 percussions per minute with a long lasting battery life of 150 minutes per charge.

Hyperice has an app of their own similar to Therabody, the Hyperice app shows users how to use the HyperVolt Go in the form of guided video tutorials and routines. There is also targetted tutorials for different body parts, meaning you can get really specific with your percussive treatment and get tips on exactly where to position your HyperVolt Go and what speed to use. 

Hyperice HyperVolt Go

One downside of the HyperVolt Go is its limited massage head attachments where only the flat head and bullet head are included. The standard ball attachment is noticeably missing from the set, which is starkly different compared to most other massage guns. Another pain point is that the HyperVolt Go does not come with a carrying case instead you'll have to fork out an extra $49+ if you really want it. While the portability of the HyperVolt Go means you can indeed simply chuck it in your bag without a carrying case, it is a little annoying that something as basic as the storage case requires an extra premium.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we can't deny that the HyperVolt Go is truly one of the best and most portable massage guns on the market. This combined with its relatively affordable price makes it suitable for everyday users who may be intimidated by the larger less portable massage guns. You can shop the Hyperice HyperVolt Go here

Hyperice HyperVolt Go

Muscle relief wherever you go

Featuring ergonomic design and revolutionary QuietGlide technology for a comfortable, quiet experience.

Best Value-For-Money Massage Gun: Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

Featured In

Pros: Extremely quiet, long battery life

Cons: No smart app integration

The Ekrin Athletics B37 similarly features the same ergonomic 15 degree angled handle that reduces wrist extension which makes for a comfortable secure grip and no arm fatigue. It offers an impressive 25kg of no-stall force which is only 2kg less than the renowned Theragun Pro so you're getting a really good deal considering that the price of the Ekrin B37 is more than half of the Theragun Pro. 

Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

There are 5 speed settings available on the Ekrin Athletics B37 ranging from 1200 to 3200 RPM delivering an amplitude of 12mm. The Ekrin B37 is also pretty quiet with a sound range of 48dB to 55dB which is quiet enough to use even while watching the TV. This is thanks to Ekrin Athletics' Quiet Glide noise reduction technology along with the Ekrin B37's brushless motor which runs cooler, quieter and more efficiently. Not to mention, the brushless motor weighs lighter and also delivers more power than a brushed motor.

The Ekrin Athletics B37 comes with 4 massage head attachments: fork, flat, bullet and a round foam ball. It's also equipped with a high-powered Samsung lithium-ion battery providing an unprecedented battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge, however its worth noting that on testing the battery life leans closer to 4 hours which is still longer than majority of other massage guns on the market. Ekrin Athletics is also an industry outlier with its lifetime warranty on the Ekrin B37 Massage Gun in contrast to the typical 3 months to 1 year that other brands offer. 

Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

Compared to the HyperVolt Go and the Theragun Pro, the Ekrin Athletics B37 does not offer any smart app integration. While the Theragun Pro still comes out on top with its industry leading specs, the Ekrin B37 is definitely a value-for-money buy and unlike the HyperVolt Go, the Ekrin B37 does come with a free carrying case! Overall, the Ekrin Athletics B37 is a pretty versatile and wallet-friendly pick perfect for anyone and everyone. You can shop the Ekrin Athletics B37 here.

Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

Greatest bang for your buck

Versatile and quiet - maximum comfort in all aspects. 

Best High Intensity Massage Gun: TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

Featured In

Pros: Extremely powerful, 175 Degree Arm Rotation, Automatic heating function

Cons: Weak battery

The TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro is the most powerful massage gun available on the market with a heated tip and a silent sound profile, but this power comes at the cost of battery life. We'd recommend it to users who want a massage gun made for the most intense of percussive therapy sessions. 

TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

The TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro comes with 5 pre-programmed settings including: Warm Up, Recovery with Neck & Lumbar specifically designed to combat pain in these areas. Unlike older models, the new TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro gives users speed control options with 3 Deep Tissue speed settings: 1000, 2000 and 2800RPM. It also offers a high no-stall force of 10-75lb depending on which mode is used.

Usability wise, the new TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro now comes with a 175-degree rotational head for easy one-handed use and weighs only 0.9kg, reducing arm strain and wrist fatigue. Another improvement to the TimTam's design is the implementation of a one-touch trigger which means users no longer need to hold down the trigger for the TimTam to work. 

TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

Beyond its impressive power, another standout feature of the TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro is its Automatic Heated Tip which is fitted with skin temperature sensors to help identify the optimum muscle temperature for optimal performance. An Automatic Vibrating Tip (60hz) and a Round 85 Shore Therapy Tip are also included in the package to provide users with versatile therapy options.

Looking at these specifications alone, you might be wondering if the TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro is a strong contender of the Theragun Pro. Well, the answer is not really — TimTam has an pretty weak battery life. While most massage guns boast a battery life of an upwards of 130 minutes to even 8 hours of battery life like the Ekrin B37, TimTam only offers up to 1 hour of continuous use. Although, it's worth mentioning that with its high intensity, just 30 seconds of use will get you the benefits you need.

TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

Overall, the TimTam Power Massager™ Pro is well regarded in the industry as the best high intensity massage gun out there. Not only does the TimTam deliver impressive power, it also does so at extremely quiet noise levels ranging from 10dB to 25dB which is practically muted. The TimTam Power Massager™ Pro is a great choice for users really in need of that extra kick and its also worth the price for its unique smart heating functions. You can shop the TimTam Power Massager™ Pro here.

TimTam PowerMassager™ Pro

High-intensity muscle relief

The best of percussive therapy, with temperature sensitivity. 

Best Budget Massage Gun: VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

Pros: Affordable, Quiet, Long battery life

Cons: Non-adjustable massage arm, built-in battery

Coming in at just under $170, the VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun is the best budget massage gun with a solid brand backing available at this price point. Compared to the $20 no brand options available on various e-commerce platforms, branded massage guns like the VYBE cost significantly more due to the amount of R&D that goes into crafting an effective massage gun backed by a team of specialists and years of research. Hence, the VYBE is a solid budget buy with its $200 price tag relative to other big names in the percussive therapy market.

VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

The VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun has 5 adjustable speeds which offer up to 3200rpm with an amplitude of 10mm and a no-stall force of 13.6kg. For its price point, its impressively strong and retains a competitive edge amongst bigger players. It packs power into a small body that weighs only 1.8kg making it suitable for on-the-go use too.

The VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun comes with 4 attachment heads: Large Ball, Wishbone, Flathead, Knot Blaster. A real kicker for this affordable massage gun would be its impressive 4 hour battery life. However, it's worth noting that the battery is built in which means you can't purchase additional batteries on the side.

VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

A few downsides of the VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun include a non-adjustable arm and an overall slightly less premium feel. Noise levels are also not as quiet as other models in this list but relatively manageable with a 50dB-60dB noise range thanks to the 24V brushless motor. However, at this price point you definitely can't expect the same level of quietness and build quality you'd get in the more high end TimTam and Theragun models.

Overall, the VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun is a good place to start for those looking for the bare minimum in a solid branded percussive therapy device. You can rest assured knowing that despite VYBE's lower price point, it doesn't compromise too much in the areas that matter the most. You can shop the VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun here.

VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun

High quality for a low price

A great affordable option without compromising on quality.

Final Thoughts

It might be hard to justify forking out a significant sum of money at first, especially when much cheaper alternatives are so prevalent in the online shopping space. However, trust us that once you give these brand names a shot, you'll no longer be satisfied with the the cheap generic massage guns.

Check out our massage gun collection and elevate you recover from aches and sores.

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