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Best Sleep Gadgets in Singapore 2022

The Best Sleep Gadgets in Singapore 2022

Updated April 2022
by Amirah Zakiyyah

Technology makes it harder to sleep. Sending emails or looking at the news before bed can keep us up at night through their stimulating effects on our brains. Combine that with when you let the picture-perfect life of others on social media convince you you're falling short. No wonder we're so restless.

This is where sleep technology comes in. Regardless of the range of sleep gadgets, they're united in their purpose to solve sleep problems and ultimately, improve sleep.

Desperate for sleep? Here are five gadgets to fall asleep faster and wake up well-rested:

#1 Best Sleep Tracker: Muse S

#2 Best Sleep Headphones: Bose Sleepbuds II

#3 Best Sleep App: Calm

#4 Best Sleep Robot: Somnox

#5 Best Sleep Pod Mattress: Eight Sleep Pod Pro

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#1 Best Sleep Tracker: Muse S

Muse S

Muse S

A soft headband, the Muse S not only monitors brain activity, but also tracks movement, heart rate, and skin temperature. The Muse S then translates those data into something like the weather. An active mind sounds stormy, and as your mind calms, the weather does too (a clever technique, we think, to get our minds to slow down!). With a wide range of guided meditations from gentle visualisations to natural soundscapes, the Muse S is set to help you unwind and get a good night's sleep.

Logistics-wise, the central pod lies in the middle of your forehead so it sits comfortably around your head. After that, simply connect the Muse S by using the Muse app on your phone via Bluetooth. Now hop into your bed!

Once you're all snuggled up, the Muse S is officially ready for action. It monitors your sleep, restlessness and the side you sleep on. When morning comes, you'll get a detailed breakdown of this information as well as your sleep behaviour which can be viewed through the app.

Shop the Muse S here.

#2 Best Sleep Headphones: Bose Sleepbuds II

Bose Sleepbuds II

Bose Sleepbuds II

The Bose Sleepbuds II is the thing you need if you're often awake at night because of passing traffic or your night-owl family members. Featuring an isolating design in its earbuds, it effectively reduces the sounds around you while fitting snugly in your ears as soothing soundscapes are played.

The earbuds have 10 hours of battery life and include an alarm and call-alert option. It comes with a slick case which the buds magnetically snap into (nothing new, but we think that's pretty cool!).

Shop the Bose Sleepbuds II here.

#3 Best Sleep App: Calm



Originally focused to help anyone improve their well-being, Calm has now branched out to tuck you in at night. The app features a wealth of stories to add to your bedtime routine, meditations to help you relax and a wide variety of soundtracks to lull you to sleep. Moreover, it also offers mindful tools for children and meditation materials unique to their development.

While the Calm app's free version includes daily gratitude check-ins and sleeps stories, you get limited access to their general content. With several subscriptions options, you score more features including unlimited access to regularly updated content and even masterclasses. 

Shop the Calm app here for iOS or here for Android.

#4 Best Sleep Robot: Somnox



Somnox is your next precious hugging pillow or bolster. Covered in fabric and peanut-shaped, it's perfect for spooning. As you hold the robot, it synchronises your breathing rhythm with it, and at the same time, helps you move towards a steady, slower pattern that's more conducive for sleep. 

That said, you have the option to let the Somnox match your breathing or set your own ratio via the Somnox app. There are also a dozen soundtracks available including soothing soundscapes to help you nod off.

Shop the Somnox here.

#5 Best Sleep Pod Mattress: Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Are you that person who needs to sleep on the cooler side? Then, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress might be the bed to get rid of one of your biggest bedtime woes.

Built with Active Grid technology, this smart mattress pairs with the Eight Sleep app to regulate both sides of the mattress. This is good news for hot sleepers who often overheat when they sleep as the mattress helps them stay cool. Futhermore, because of the sensors in the same technology, you can track your sleep. The app also shares personalised tips on your sleep patterns and fitness for you to make informed changes for optimised sleep.

To set up your new bed, follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the Eight Sleep App. After unpacking the cover and placing it on your bed, connect the cover into a computer modem looking device or the Hub. Plug the Hub into the wall before going through the guide in the app to connect the Hub to your phone and WiFi. Next, fill the Hub with water and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Once you've selected your preferred temperature via the app, give about 90 minutes for the mattress' temperature to be adjusted. 

Shop the Eight Sleep Pod Pro here.

Final Thoughts

While these sleep gadgets we've recommended to consider this year can be your ticket out of sleepless nights and into more relaxing days, using the gears alone don't fix your sleep problems. Practicing healthy sleep hygience alongside these sleep tech is vital for a good night's rest.

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