Colour your music: Sphero Specdrums

Colour your music: Sphero Specdrums

We all know that sensory play is important in early childhood.

Toys that engage your child’s senses can, among other things, capture their cognitive and physical attention, and contribute to improved motor skills and memory.

But as they grow older, keeping their senses engaged seems to get more and more difficult. 

When they’re plugged in, they’re also tuning out.

How do you immerse your kids in the present, even for short periods of time?

Say Hello to Specdrums

Sphero Specdrums

Enter Sphero Specdrums.

The innovation seems simple enough: you turn colours into music by tapping a pair of bluetooth-enabled rings onto any coloured surface.

Just like that, you’re engaging three senses - touch, hearing and sight. 

Check out the Sphero Specdrums in action right here.

It isn’t difficult to find research that shows the benefits of music for child development - it can improve their emotional well-being and fluid intelligence.

Of course, the Specdrums don’t work exactly like a traditional musical instrument, but they’re good for kids with an interest in playing or mixing music.

You won’t have to commit to a specific instrument, because they can choose a variety of electronic sounds and beats instead.

Some principles of learning music are retained - the Specdrums require time and practice to develop and improve your skills, especially your sense of rhythm and beat. 

Sphero Specdrums

Colour is important in our everyday lives; it affects our emotions and carries different meanings. 

Often, we forget to pay attention to it.

The Specdrums turn that around because it relies on the colours detected by the rings, rather than specific hand positions and motions.

That’s why they create a unique experience - kids can walk around and discover the different sounds produced by different colours, and experiment with mixing notes and beats by ‘playing’ their surroundings. 

Sphero Specdrums

What other instrument not only allows, but encourages your child to get up and walk around to make music? 

Specdrums are extremely portable, requiring only one ring and an application to function. 

They also encourage dynamism. 

No matter where they are, your child can explore how different textures and shades affect the notes played, and use almost anything, from clothing to walls to fruits and vegetables, to create music. 

As with any other musical instrument, the Specdrums can help your child develop a better sense of rhythm, which is linked to language and literacy processes.

Sphero Specdrums

Toys that offer multi-sensory engagement in a productive, healthy way aren’t always easy to come by. 

The Specdrums offer a good avenue for kids to create their own music, anywhere they want, and lets them easily record and share it with others.

Discover the Sphero Specdrums now at Synced by District.

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