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Kaelyn Chua - June 2021

Embr Wave Review: Does This Personal Thermostat Really Work?

Known for our tropical climate and expensive cost of living, it's no surprise that staying cool in Singapore can be expensive. With the year-long heat waves, blasting the air conditioner 24/7 just isn't a feasible option for most households. So when we heard about the Embr Wave, it seemed like the perfect solution to our Singaporean problem. 

The Embr Wave promises to be your personal thermostat in the form of a wearable bracelet. It's a bold promise to make, which leaves many prospective buyers curious as to whether the Embr Wave is simply a gimmick or if it truly works as claimed. We've tried and tested the Embr Wave to provide you with a comprehensive review and feature breakdown, stay tuned to the end of the review to read our final thoughts about it. 


Embr Wave

Design-wise, the Embr Wave sits on the inside of your wrist facing towards you. It's slightly larger than an Apple Watch and comes with a magnetic Milanese mesh strap that fastens securely around your wrist. The Embr Wave comes in two colours: rose gold and silver. The strap on the Embr is removable and can be swapped out for a different colour mesh strap or even a vegan leather alternative.

How It Works

Embr Wave

The ceramic plate of the Embr Wave comes directly into contact with a pulse point on the inside of your wrist which has a high density of thermo-receptors. It emits thermal sensations, also known as Waveforms, that cool or warm your skin which triggers your nerves to send a signal to your brain to process the thermal sensation. This does not change your body temperature, rather it allows your body to thermoregulate which essentially alters your perception of temperature. 

The Embr Wave comes with a button that turns half blue and half red when you tap on it. Intuitively, tapping the red portion turns on heating mode while tapping the blue portion turns on cooling mode. This allows users to easily toggle between modes depending on how they're feeling. While indeed convenient, this simple interface barely scratches the surface of what the Embr Wave application can do.

Embr Wave Application

The Embr Wave is compatible with the companion Embr Wave Application available on both iOS and Android. The app is designed to be user-friendly such that even non-tech savvy users will find it easy to use. 


Embr Wave

The first thing you'll see when you open the app is a virtual dial to adjust the temperature of the Embr Wave, similar to a thermostat control panel. In the middle of the dial, the current temperature of the Embr Wave is displayed along with a 'Stop' option in case you find the temperature change to be a little too overwhelming. 


Embr Wave

There are 5 preset modes available on the application: Quick, Essential, Extended, Fall Asleep and Custom. These modes allow you to select the type and duration of temperature waves you want to get the most user-centric experience out of the Embr Wave.

Quick Mode: 3 minutes of concentrated doses of cool or warm waves
Essential Mode: 10 minutes of soothing cool or warm waves.
Extended Mode: 30 minutes of intermittent cool or warm waves.
Fall Asleep Mode: 35 minutes of gentle, long cool or warm waves with muted lights.
Custom Mode: Decide on your desired duration and pick between Soothing, Medium or Energising wave sensations for a fully customised experience.

Embr Wave

The app also comes with a Compare section where you can track your Embr Wave usage throughout the day, with logs on your temperature control patterns. Thats not all the app can do, some additional functions and customisation settings are also listed down below.

LED Night Mode: Dims the Embr Wave LED lights for use in the dark or at night.
Embrace Mode: Send a virtual hug to another Embr Wave user
Extra Heat Mode: For those who need an extra boost of warmth. Do exercise caution when using this function as it can potentially feel painful for some
Warming Only Mode: Configure your Embr Wave to only do warming
Cooling Only Mode: Configure your Embr Wave to only do cooling.

Battery Life

Since the Embr Wave is designed to be a daily wearable, it needs to function like one. On this front, the Embr Wave performs extremely well with its solid battery life which forms a solid base for all the impressive features it has to offer. 

Embr Wave

The Embr Wave application displays the power usage of the Embr Wave at any given time. The power usage of each Embr Wave session varies depending on the duration and temperature intensity of the session. The Embr Wave battery can withstand about 30 low power usage sessions or 10-30 medium power usage sessions and even less for sessions requiring high power usage. 

If you consistently use the Embr Wave throughout the day, you'll likely need to charge it once every few days. However, if you use it on a casual once a day basis, you'll likely only have to charge your Embr Wave once every few weeks. 

So Does It Really Work?

Overall, the Embr Wave does indeed function as advertised despite what sceptics may say. Those who believe that the Embr Wave is simply a gimmick are often times not properly educated on how it actually works. While it's true that the Embr Wave is not capable of instantly changing your body temperature, its' fascinating thermoregulation function actually stems from its' ability to change your perception of temperature. 

Embr Wave

We will admit that the Embr Wave can be a little expensive with its $449 price tag. However, if you see yourself using the Embr Wave consistently, that sum of money will be well worth the benefit you'll get from keeping yourself cool and comfortable throughout the day. Beyond just that, the Embr Wave could also be a huge help for women undergoing menopause and people with chronic illnesses who are intrinsically susceptible to cold and heat.

The bottom line is that the Embr Wave works and it might just improve your overall well-being if you just gave it a shot. 

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