Unique Gadgets Under $99 (Nov 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Nov 2022

On our list

#1 All-in-On Cable Adapter: KableCARD

#2 Sit & Stand Laptop Desk: MOFT Z

#3 Sharper Image Automatic Wine Opener

#4 Open-Ear Wireless Headphones: Mu6 Ring

#1 KableCARD: All-in-On Cable Adapter


Nowadays, we live in a world with so many different types of cables needed to charge our everyday devices. From Type-C USB to Lightning and more, managing so many wires can become frustrating easily.

KableCARD is a modern solution to our cable management problems. Designed in a portable credit card-sized casing, its swappable charging heads let you use up to 6 different charging configurations. It’s small enough to fit in your wallet and packs everything you need to charge your devices.

KableCARD also comes equipped with storage space for small phone accessories like your nano SIM cards and an eject pin, making it great for travel. It even has built-in wireless charging and memory card reader capabilities. This gadget definitely packs more than its size.


6-in-1 Cable Adapter

A pocket-sized cable adapter system for all your charging needs.

#2 MOFT Z: Sit & Stand Laptop Desk


Standing desks can be an expensive investment costing up to a few hundred dollars. Those unsure whether to sink in such money for the benefits of a standing desk can opt for a more accessible laptop stand.

MOFT Z is a magazine-sized 5-in-1 sit-stand laptop desk to enhance your work environment. With a quick flip, you can get the MOFT Z to stand up to 25cm high and elevate your laptop position so that you can comfortably stand at your desk and work.

This simple yet effective tool lets you transition between sitting and standing at your workstation to help regulate your posture and relieve back pain. The same health benefits as a standing desk but at a fraction of the cost.


Sit-stand laptop desk

Transform your workstation with just a flip to improve your posture.

#3 Sharper Image Automatic Wine Opener

Sharper Image Automatic Wine Opener

Wine bottles may sometimes be a little tough to open. The barbaric nature of forcibly twisting a corkscrew in and then trying to unplug the cork at the dinner table may not be a great sight. Why not make things a little smoother for yourself?

The Automatic Wine Opener by Sharper Image helps you get the same job done in seconds and with a whole lot more elegance. Simply place it over the cork on the bottle, press a button and you’re good to enjoy the night.

Impress your guests at the next dinner party with this handy and modern bottle opener.

Sharper Image

Automatic wine opener

Make wine bottle openings a fuss-free experience at the dinner table.

#4 Mu6 Ring: Open-Ear Wireless Headphones

Mu6 Ring

Noise cancelling is amazing. However, blocking out sound while listening to music can be dangerous when you’re running, cycling or driving.

Mu6 Ring is an open-ear wireless headphone that uses air conduction to deliver premium audio while still allowing you to listen to ambient sounds. This keeps you aware of your surroundings to make your runs, cycles and drives a lot safer.

Enjoy hands-free listening on the go without compromising your safety on the road.

Mu6 Ring

Open-ear headphones

Listen to your favourite songs while staying aware of your surroundings.

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