Unique Gadgets Under $99 (Oct 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Oct 2022

On our list

#1 Tidy Your Workstation: ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum

#2 Find Your Wallet: Chipolo CARD

#3 Digitalise Your Handwriting: Neo Smartpen Dimo

#4 Smarten Up Your Home: TP-Link Tapo

#1 ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum


Sometimes our workstation can get a little dirty. The usual suspects are dust, crumbs and tiny bits of god knows what. They linger on the surface of our table or hide behind small grooves in our keyboards. And at some point, it’ll start occurring to us: “I got to get this cleaned.”.

The ODISTAR is a desktop vacuum cleaner that’ll help pick up the dust and dirt across your table in seconds. The minimal and cordless design makes the device easy to hold as you embark on a somewhat therapeutic process of cleaning your area.

When it’s out of battery, you can simply recharge it at your desk and you’ll be ready to go the next time.

The ODISTAR is a handy tool to add to your workstation to help clean up your mess.


Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your desk tidy with portable and handy desktop vacuum cleaner.

#2 Chipolo CARD

Chipolo CARD

Our wallets are one of the top 5 things we lose frequently and it’s a fair reason why. We carry it with us wherever we go, pop it out to pay for things and casually leave it on tables. All it takes is a moment of distraction and boom — we misplaced our wallets.

The Chipolo CARD is a Bluetooth tracker designed to help you prevent that. Conceptually, it works kinda like an Apple AirTag just that the shape was made to be flat and thin to easily fit into your wallet.

When you can’t seem to find your wallet, you can just open the Chipolo app on your phone and activate the Chipolo CARD to make a ringing noise to direct you to your missing wallet. Of course, this can only happen within Bluetooth range. If your wallet goes out of range, the app will show you its last known position so that you can retrace your steps back to it.

The Chipolo CARD gives peace of mind to users who frequently forgot where they left their wallets with a simple and easy way to find it.

Chipolo CARD

Thinnest Bluetooth Tracker

A thin bluetooth tracker to fit in your wallet to know where it is.

#3 Neo Smartpen Dimo

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Always writing notes and then scanning them? This might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Neo Smartpen Dimo is a pocket-sized pen that lets you digitalise your handwriting and convert it to text. With a digital copy, you can easily share your notes with others or search through them to easily find what you need.

You can also conveniently transcribe and translate your handwriting using the Neo Studio application, or drag and drop your written content into digital files like PowerPoint and PDF.

One thing to note is that the pen only works with a proprietary range of notebook & papers that is encoded by Neo Smartpen. If you’re not a fan of using notebooks, you can download a free A4 file of a page and print it out for use instead.

The Neo Smartpen Dimo makes it seamless and convenient for those who regularly take physical notes and would love to embrace the power of digitalisation.

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Your first smartpen

Digitalise your handwriting to easily save, share and search your notes.

#4 TP-Link Tapo

TP-Link Tapo

Smart plugs are a truly amazing invention. They act as middlemen between the wall socket and your device to provide greater control over your device’s capabilities.

The TP-Link Tapo is an affordable and powerful smart plug. With the press of a button in the mobile application, you can easily switch on/off your devices and even control them remotely when you are away from home.

Another amazing feature is that you can use it to schedule when your devices switch on/off at a specific time. You will also be able to review your energy consumption through the companion app to give you a better idea of your device usage.

The TP-Link Tapo is a great way to make your devices smarter and transform your living environment.

TP-Link Tapo

Smart plugs for your home

Smarten up your home with convenient device control. 

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