Unique Gadgets Under $99 (Sep 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Sep 2022

On our list

#1 Relieve Wrist Fatigue: Deltahub Carpio 2.0

#2 Secure Your Bags: AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock

#3 Easily Measure Spaces: HOTO Laser Tape Measure

#4 Control Your Cooking: Lavatools Carbon Lite

#1 Deltahub Carpio 2.0

Deltahub Carpio 2.0

Wrist fatigue is actually a thing. It happens when you use a computer mouse for long periods of time, resulting in soreness and numbness in your hand. If you recall yourself occasionally twisting and turning your wrist for relief, you might be suffering from it.

The Deltahub Carpio 2.0 is an ergonomic wrist rest that sits below your computer mouse to allow your hand to glide smoothly as you move your mouse. This greatly improves your arm position and relieves pressure and strain on your wrist.

A simple yet functional add-on that changes the way you work for a boost in productivity.

Deltahub Carpio 2.0

Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Alleviate wrist fatigue and keep your productivity going.

#2 AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock

AIRBOLT Smart Travel Lock

See yourself travelling more soon? Consider getting this smart lock to do away with the hassle of keys or the fear of someone hacking your number combination.

AIRBOLT lets you easily unlock it with the tap of a button through your mobile app. It also functions as a tracking device by letting you check where your bag was last seen on the app.

The lock is also TSA-approved, so you do not have to worry about security officers cutting it up. This is a great addition to your travels for better peace of mind.


Smart Travel Lock

Keep your belongings safe when you travel with a convenient and secure lock.

#3 HOTO Laser Tape Measure

HOTO Laser Tape Measure

Measuring tapes are one of the core essential tools in life. We rely heavily on them to measure spaces and sizes but at times, it’s length just doesn’t cut it.

The HOTO Laser Tape Measure removes this restraint by easily letting you measure large spaces with great accuracy. At the click of a button, you can get your length measurement displayed on the OLED screen, making it convenient and easy without the hassle of fumbling with your measuring tape.

It also comes with a companion mobile app that lets you store measurement data as well as floor plan mappings.

Though it does only work for up to 30 metres, it’s definitely far better than the typical 5-metre length of your usual measuring tape and would definitely cover most measurements you have to take.


Laser Tape Measure

Measure spaces in seconds with a compact and easy-to-use device.

#4 Lavatools Carbon Lite

Lavatools Carbon Lite

When it comes to cooking, temperature can be a sensitive matter. By just a few degrees off, you can end up ruining the dish and start to hear Gordon Ramsey screaming at the top of his lungs at you.

It’s definitely difficult to get the perfect timing and temperature when cooking, but with a smart thermometer you can.

The Lavatools Carbon Lite is a high-precision food thermometer that measures the internal temperature of your food using an extremely sensitive probe.

It connects to the companion mobile app where you are able to set temperature alerts to send you reminders when you’re away from the kitchen.

A handy tool to take control of your cooking and achieve perfect results in the kitchen.

Lavatools Carbon Lite

Smart Food Thermometer

Take control of you cooking with a thermometer that alerts you when your food is ready.

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