Introducing Art Into Your Home: Meural Canvas

Introducing Art Into Your Home: Meural Canvas

Do people actually need art in their homes?

If you’ve never really felt anything while looking at a painting, you might be confused by its
importance in interior design

Actually, wall art has practical value - it makes your house look more complete and creates a focal point that people are drawn to. 

It also carries intangible benefits - having a piece of wall art in your living room can improve your mood, communicate your personality, and kickstart conversations with visitors.

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Choosing a specific art piece, though, can be a chore. 

Will that painting go with your home decor? What if you get bored of it? How do you even take care of a piece of art?

In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to get rid of all these problems is to buy a digital art frame. 

That way, you can explore hundreds of paintings from artists all over the world, and change your wall art whenever you want.

You don’t even have to display other people’s work - you can easily showcase your own art pieces or family photos.

You also won’t be restricted to static pieces. 

Photo by Meural

There are a few digital art frames in the market, but we’re loving the Meural Canvas for a few reasons.

It’s beautiful. Anything that you display will stand out wonderfully because the Meural Canvas has a wider white border than usual. The screen also has anti-glare technology and a matte surface, so that your art will look more realistic and less like you’re viewing it on an ordinary screen. 


It’s dynamic. The Canvas has a swivel mount, so you’ll have no trouble switching between landscape and portrait orientations. It also contains an ambient light sensor, to adapt to changing levels of brightness throughout the day while staying energy efficient (the Canvas uses less power than an ordinary lightbulb).

It’s smart. You can control your Meural Canvas in a variety of ways - through the website, the Meural app, by using your voice (with smart home integration), or with gestures. With different mediums, there are different features to explore, so you can customize your Canvas the way you want it. 

You can check out the Meural in action right here.

Simply stunning, stylish, and really smart.

Although the Meural Canvas is pricier than other options, it comes with great functionality, and access to 100 curated images from Meural’s art library. 

Paired with a subscription to the Meural Membership, you can further enjoy access to a dynamic library of 30,000+ artworks worth over $3 billion. 

With this one piece of technology, you can discover new art, connect to paintings and stories, and display your own work. 

Bet you didn’t know wall art could do all that.

You can discover the Meural Canvas now at Synced by District.

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