Kickstarters of the Month (Oct 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Oct 2022

On our list

#1 Intelligent Pet Robot: Loona

#2 Motorless Magnetic Blender: millo air

#3 Waterless Sous Vide Cooker: Neovide

#4 Ultimate Bike Light System: Lumos Firefly

#1 Loona: An Intelligent Petbot


Meet Loona, a smart, intuitive, and affectionate pet robot that’ll be your new best friend at home.

She’ll welcome you home, follow you around and play with you when you’re bored, just like how a real pet is like. But Loona isn’t just another robot toy.

With her built-in camera, Loona can see and recognise faces as well as react to gestures and obstacles. She can also listen and understand voice commands and respond to them.

Using modern technology, Loona is designed to be both perceptive and emotive to her surroundings. She can dance, express anger, and impress you with just how intelligent she is.

If you always wanted a pet, Loona may just be a great fit for the family.

Learn more about Loona on Kickstarter.


Intelligent Petbot

A new robot for your home to play with and keep your company.

#2 millo air: Portable, Motorless Magnetic Blender

millo air

Blenders are a great invention. It lets us easily chop things up or make a smoothie. But they’re usually bulky, noisy and not that portable.

That’s where millo air comes in, a new generation motorless magnetic blender. millo air uses Magnetic Air Drive (MAD) technology to create a seamless blender design that doesn’t require large motors to power it so that it can be easily packed to carry on the go.

Using MAD also allows the millo air to blend with absolute silence as there are no spinning parts or vibrations. The only sound audible is of the ingredients getting crushed.

With the millo air, you can create powerful blends wherever you are easily.

Learn more about millo air on Kickstarter.

millo air

Powerful & Portable Blender

Create amazing blends wherever you are with absolute silence.

#3 Neovide: Waterless One-Stop Sous Vide Cooker


Love to cook sous vide? Then you’ll love this new kitchen innovation.

Neovide, is a one-stop sous vide cooker that’s waterless and does not use vacuum bags. It effortlessly makes sous vide food at home without all the hassle and mess of a typical water bath sous vide.

Neovide heats the food directly using an electromagnetic heater and thermal radiation. With the built-in temperature sensors and a food probe, Neovide can achieve truly precise temperature control.

Learn more about Neovide on Kickstarter.


Waterless Sous Vide Cooker

An all-in-one cooker with a convenient sous vide technique.

#4 Lumos Firefly: Ultimate Bike Light System

Lumos Firefly

Bike safety is really important when it comes to cycling. As a matter of fact, cyclists are often caught off-guard on the road, leading to unfortunate accidents with bigger vehicles.

Lumos Firefly is a bike light system that upgrades cyclists’ safety with turn signals, brake lights and synchronised flashing. The lights let cyclists become more visible & predictable on the road to let other vehicles know of their presence.

Another great thing is the convenient magnetic mounting to easily put and remove the lights on the bicycle for charging.

Learn more about Lumos Firefly on Kickstarter.

Lumos Firefly

Ultimate Bike Light System

Interactive bike lights to keep you visible and safe on the roads.

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