Kickstarters of the Month (Sep 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Sep 2022

On our list

#1 Record Your Phone Calls: Magmo

#2 Stacked Screens For Enhanced Productivity: Geminos

#3 Adjustable Tech Stands: LAB22

#4 Unbeatable Clean For Your Behind: Nebia Bidets

#1 Magmo: Snap-On MagSafe Call Recorder


Are you always on the phone taking important calls? It’s definitely not easy to remember the details of the entire conversation or to have to write notes along the way.

This Kickstarter is creating a simple and elegant solution to help record your calls wherever and whenever.

Magmo is a MagSafe-compatible device that magnetically snaps on to the back of your phone. At the push of a button, it activates and starts to record your conversations.

It utilises a Piezo sensor to capture the vibrations that are transferred through your phone to effectively reduce background noises, so you can clearly replay your conversations with minimal interruptions.

For ease of convenience, your recordings can be seamlessly saved directly onto a hard drive, so all your recordings will be stored safely without the risk of losing them.

Learn more about the Magmo on Kickstarter.


Snap-On MagSafe Call Recorder

Record all your important calls wherever and whenever.

#2 Geminos: Stacked Screens For Enhanced Productivity


Dual-screen setups are quite the norm these days. The additional screen real estate provides greater flexibility and ease when working across all the different apps and platform we have to use today.

However, one issue about using side-by-side monitor setups is that they do take up a lot of space on the tables. Furthermore, having to consistently turn your head back and forth can strain the neck over time, resulting in unnecessary aches and pains.

If you love the benefits of a dual-screen setup but want something more ergonomical, this Kickstarter might just be for you.

Geminos by Mobile Pixels is a stacked dual-screen desktop monitors. The top and bottom monitor stack design creates an elegant and space-saving desk environment that is also comfortable to use. The screens are fully adjustable to cater to allow you to find the perfect angle for maximum productivity.

Geminos also comes with a built-in 1080P webcam, powerful speakers, and a USB docking station to create an all-inclusive workstation for every kind of need.

Learn more about the Geminos on Kickstarter.


Stacked Screens For Enhanced Productivity

A dual-screen setup that's space-saving and ergonomic.

#3 LAB22: Ultimate Line of Adjustable Tech Stands


Launched in collaboration between tech youtuber Sara Dietschy and Moment, LAB22 is a premium line of adjustable tech stands designed for the Apple ecosystem.

What stands out from the collection is the Infinity Adjust Stand for iPad. This high-performance iPad stand give you all the flexibility you need to go from easily taking notes on your iPad to turning it into a functional second screen on your desk.

It is crafted entirely with precision machined aluminium for remarkable strength & stability and for an absolute killer aesthetic that stands out on any desk setup.

Check out the rest of the LAB22 collection on Kickstarter.


Ultimate Line of Adjustable Tech Stands

Premium and beautiful stands for complete work flexibility.

#4 Nebia Bidets: Unbeatable Clean, Unrivaled Luxury

Nebia Bidets

Social media has convinced us that it may be more hygienic to wash our bottoms than to wipe it after a big one. It’s easy to understand why when we compare it to washing our hands when it’s stained instead of just wiping it off.

Fair? We think so, which might also explain the increasing popularity of modern bidet systems.

Have you ever come across one of those fancy Japanese-branded toilet bowls that had a bidet, a heated seat and an air dryer? Well, the Nebia Electronic Bidet Seat is just like that.

The great thing is, you don’t have to invest in the entire toilet bowl system which can cost an upwards of a few thousand dollars. With Nebia, you just have to upgrade your toilet seat to theirs and you can unlock cleanliness and luxury on a whole new level.

Learn more about the Nebia Bidets on Kickstarter.

Nebia Bidets

Unbeatable Clean, Unrivaled Luxury

The ultimate toilet bidet system that your bum deserves.

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