Linus Tan - Apr 2021

Introducing Art Into Your Home: Meural Canvas

Do people really need art in their homes? To some people, wall art just sounds like another useless, dust-collecting gimmick. Well, lucky for Meural Singapore -- these people are wrong.

Wall art actually provides practical value to your home beyond its appearance and aesthetic. The right piece of wall art can not only complete your house, but also improve your mood, communicate your personality and kickstart conversations with visitors. However, any experienced home owner will tell you that choosing wall art that is both timeless enough to stay in trend, but also classic enough to complement your home interior is no easy feat. That's where the Meural Canvas comes into play.

Introducing Meural Canvas

Meural Canvas

Meural Canvas is essentially a digital picture frame that uses patented TrueArt Technology to bring every brushstroke to life. Choose from 100 free artworks on the Meural Art Gallery or enjoy access to a dynamic library of 30,000+ artworks worth over $3 billion with a monthly subscription to the Meural Membership. You also have the option to upload your very own photos or artwork so you won’t be restricted to static pieces and most importantly, you defintely won't get bored. 

Still not convinced? Here's three reasons why we love the Meural Canvas compared to other digital frames available in Singapore

Reason #1: It's Beautiful

Meural Canvas

Make a bold statement with any art piece you display on the Meural Canvas with its' aesthetic wide white border designed to highlight and complement any photo you upload. It also features a specialised anti-glare matte display along with an ambient light sensor to bring out the full range of rich colours and hues in your pictures while keeping them looking realistic and picture-perfect. 

Reason #2: It's Dynamic

Meural Canvas

The Meural Canvas comes with a swivel mount, so you’ll have no trouble switching between landscape and portrait orientations. The ambient light sensor also adapts to changing brightness levels throughout the day to keep the Meural Canvas energy efficient so you can keep it running without worrying about your electricity bills.

Reason #3: It’s smart

Meural Canvas

You can control your Meural Canvas in a wide variety of ways - through the Meural website, the Meural application, smart home assistants like Alexa, or even with gestures. For each different medium, there are various unique features to explore, so you can customise your Meural Canvas to to look just the way you want it. 

Check Out The Meural In Action

Final Thoughts

Meural Canvas

Simple, stunning, stylish, and really smart. Although the Meural Canvas is admittedly a little pricey, its' cool features and great functionality, along with access to 100 curated images from Meural's art library make it well worth the premium. With this one piece of technology, you can discover new art, connect to paintings and stories, and display your own work. 

Bet you didn’t know wall art could do all that.

To see the full collection for Meural Singapore, you can visit the link here or experience it first-hand at our physical store, Synced by District.