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Linus Tan - 14 Jan 2021

Ride Online With Friends:
NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike

As we spend more time at home working or just avoiding the outside, we must not forget to take care of our bodies by staying healthy and fit. In a bid to keep fit, exercise bikes have been a popular option among athletes and the casual exerciser. Today, we take a look at a different kind of exercise bike, one that's smart — the NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike. Let's ride.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

Make Cycling Fun Again

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike transforms at-home cycling into fun and interactive cycling sessions. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect to virtual worlds on Zwift, Rouvy, or RGT to take your ride online. Cycle with friends from the comfort of your home or make new exercise buddies virtually.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

The simulated environment enabled by these virtual training apps helps keep you motivated and energised to reach your fitness goals. Race online with the cycling community and push yourself to achieve goals together. Structured workouts and trainings are also available in these apps to make you a better athlete. It's time to connect and cycle with the world around you.

Engineered For Simplicity

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike was engineered to be easy-to-use and reliable when it comes to at-home cycling. Two key features are built into the exercise bike to make riding a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1. Innovative Motor Design

Say hello to the digital fitness era. NEXGIM was developed with an Auto Resistance Adjustment Technology, giving you the capacity to control your exercise bike with pinpoint precision. Now you can worry less about the overall operation of the exercise bike and solely focus on your workout and achieving new personal bests.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

2. Multi-Control Dial

Controlling your exercise bike has never been easier. NEXGIM's multi-control dial supports manual adjustment of resistance, gearing height and biking rhythm just with a quick turn of the dial. It's intuitive design lets you easily adjust the cycling features while exercising, so as not to disrupt your riding momentum. The dial also tracks your workout statistics and lets you gauge your performance as you go.

Designed With Usability In Mind For The Home

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike was made for the home to be used by everyone, of all ages. Its design factored in three main components to elevate normal to near perfect.

1. Minimal

NEXGIM only takes up an area of less than 0.5 sqm. This makes it easy to be used in small spaces and also for storage when not in used. It's lightweight and space-saving design is loved by users to use the NEXGIM and exercise comfortably around the home.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

2. Safe

NEXGIM is designed with an enclosed flywheel compartment to prevent exposed belt, gear or other parts from entangling with your clothing as you cycle. On top of that, the pedals will stop immediately when your feet stops to cycle so as to prevent the continued movement of the wheels from causing any unforeseen injuries. An exercise bike that's great for the family — from kids all the way up to the old folks.

3. Silent

NEXGIM was built with a specially designed base that helps reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the floor for sound dampening. This makes the exercise bike extremely quiet so that you can cycle in peace and not worry about getting complains from your neighbour.

Final Thoughts

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike was designed and engineered to take at-home cycling to new levels of fun. Ride online with friends all from the comforts of your home and effectively burn calories to stay fit as we increasingly spend more time at home.

NEXGIM Smart Exercise Bike retails for S$629 in Singapore and you can experience it first-hand at our store, Synced by District.

NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike
NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike
NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike
NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike
NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike

NEXGIM QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Bike


Smart AI Exercise Bike For Virtual Cycling Experiences

  • Cycle with friends online
  • Burn fats effectively
  • Lightweight and space-saving design
  • Easy-to-use multi-control dial
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