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TORRAS Coolify2
TORRAS Coolify2
TORRAS Coolify2


TORRAS Coolify2


Powerfully quiet, professional-grade performance.

✓ Trusted by professionals and athletes worldwide
✓ Enhance muscle recovery and relieve aches
✓ Release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort
✓ Backed by industry-leading 2-year warranty

TORRAS Coolify2
TORRAS Coolify2
TORRAS Coolify2
TORRAS Coolify2


TORRAS Coolify2


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Personal Cooling & Heating Device

✓ Cool down by up to 15°C in seconds
✓ Experience 3D airflow for immersive cooling
✓ Hands-free design for maximum comfort
✓ Last up to 18 hours with fast charging capabilities

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The all-new Coolify2 radically changes the way you experience temperature. With on the go cooling and heating, take control of how you feel anywhere and anytime.

Instant Cooling Sensation

With 105 pairs of cooling particles to create 7500mm² cooling areas, Coolify2 can cool your body down by up to 15°C in seconds by drawing heat away from your body instantly.

The all-new KU 2.0 chip supports 6x larger cooling area for an immersive wrap-around cooling and improves the cooling performance by up to 7 times to deliver stronger airflow around your neck. 

Warm Up When It Matters

Experience heating from the inside out. Coolify2 is also designed for keeping you warm when it gets cold at home, at work or outside. Simply activate heating mode and feel the Coolify2 heat up to provide you with a calm, warming sensation.

All-New Powerful Features

Smart Temperature Control

Delivering the utmost in precision temperature control, Coolify2 employs NTC technology. The 3 negative temperature coefficient sensors help the device to maintain an operation speed of up to 100,000 times per second.

The result? Streamlined, safe continuous cooling or heating without any compromise.

Hands-free. Worry-free.

Coolify2's patented ergonomic design with skin-friendly built-in silicone cushion makes wearing it all day a breeze. The wrap-around design lets it rest safely around your neck and the bladeless fan prevents hair from tangling.

Colossal 3D Airflow

With a patented air duct design, a lightning-fast 5000 rpm brushless motor and three convenient modes, Coolify2 lets you feel fully refresh with 4x airflow volume at the press of a button.

From Dusk to Dawn

Coolify2 supports all-day use with a full charge. With an upgraded 4,000 mAh Li-polymer battery, Coolify2 can last over 18 hours on a 3-hour charge.


Lower your carbon footprint by forgoing costly air conditioners.

Health Benefits

Eliminate health risks that come with indoor air conditioners.

LED Screen

Hidden screen makes Coolify2 intuitive and easy to use.


Made with fireproof materials and features circuit protection.

Technical Specifications