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Vitesy Natede


A smart natural air purifier and indoor air quality monitor that combines nature, technology, and design.
  • Powered by real plants
  • Removes viruses and pollutants
  • Better health, sleep and peace of mind
  • Zero filters to replace
  • Built with 100% sustainable material


Purification by plants & technology.


Thanks to phytoremediation, plants can accumulate and eliminate contaminants in soils, water, or air. By forcing air circulation through the soil and plant roots, Natede boosts this natural power of plants to eliminate pollution from indoor air. In addition, Natede has an advanced photocatalytic filter covered with titanium dioxide that further filters the air, capturing and eliminating VOCs, viruses, odours, and bacteria.



Monitor your environment.

Natede’s app dashboard shows real-time monitoring of the IAQ (Internal Air Quality). It has a bright heart that beats flat or fast depending on the level of your indoor air quality. Natede features a proximity sensor that lets you turn it on and off by simply moving your hand close to it. It can also connect to Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Sustainably made.

Natede is made in Italy with high quality recycled plastic. It has also been designed to be easily recyclable; all its parts are assembled by interlocking without requiring glues. It features a self-watering system with a 1L tank supply that helps to further reduce water consumption. The photocatalytic filter is washable and thus doesn't need to be replaced, reducing both the environmental impact and operational costs. For each product sold, Vitesy will also plant 10 trees.