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temi The Personal Robot


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  • An autonomous personal AI assistant robot.
    • temi is the ultimate AI assistant. It lets you experience moving video calls, controls all of your smart home devices, and lets you enjoy music and videos from any room in the house. When you’re away, you can connect with temi through your smartphone, so you can check on your home from anywhere in the world.
    • Use it for your business or workplace (e.g. unmanned stores, hospitality assistance) by engaging people through temi’s autonomous navigation, AI, and Display.
    • temi is also an open platform for apps that interact with you - including interactive games, educational apps that make learning fun, medical apps and more.

    The story of temi.

    Yossi Wolf created temi for his grandmother. After noticing how difficult it was for her to operate her smartphone or hold a cup of tea, he dedicated himself to creating a personal robot for her. It’s full of clever, useful features - smart home integration, voice control, collision avoidance, video streaming and calling. It places you at the centre of your technology, while its state-of-the-art AI and system of sensors and cameras allow it to navigate dynamic environments and stay user-friendly. temi offers an unparalleled personal robot experience, allowing you to connect with your home, online content, and other people.

    Experience human-robot interaction.

    temi’s display invites you to speak, hear and see what you want. It hears, identifies, understands and responds to your voice using Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) and far field voice technology, natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text and text-to-speech (TTS) engines. It also integrates the best AI engines together to connect you to your favorite services. It’s navigation system self-learns it’s surroundings and understands where temi is, what it is seeing and where it is going. Also open to 3rd party apps. SDK Available.

    Safely rolls around.

    temi seamlessly enters any room using its AI, system of sensors, and multiple cameras. It navigates autonomously around your home and uses revolutionary algorithms to avoid obstacles, with dynamic path-planning and an understanding of 360-degree depth. temi can move around toys and pets. It has great mobility and stability over any surface including hard floors, rugs, and room transitions. Using its adaptive motor control, temi recognises different surfaces and adjusts its torque accordingly. When temi senses an obstacle it cannot avoid (such as a staircase), it simply stops.

    • Navigation System: 3D mapping, navigation, user detection and tracking obstacle avoidance, path planning
    • CPU: ARM Hexa Core, LINUX OS
    • Sensors: 360 degrees LIDAR, 2 depth cameras, RGB camera, 5 proximity sensors, IMU sensor, 6 Time of Flight linear sensors
    • WiFi - MIMO Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n/ac
    • Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless short distance connectivity with devices and accessories
    • Weight: 12 kg
    • Dimensions: 100H x 35W x 45D cm
    • 10.1" HD LCD SCREEN
    • Capacitive multi-touch for intuitive interface. (1920X1200) IPS LCD 16M colors Touch Capacity Display Pixel density: 224 (ppi)
    • 340 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
    • Fingerprint-resistant coating
    • 4 Omni-directional digital mics
    • Real-time localization
    • Beam forming
    • Acoustic echo cancellation
    • Environment noise reduction
    • 20W Audio
    • High fidelity equalizer
    • One subwoofer
    • Two midrange speakers
    • Two tweeters
    • Passive radiators
    • Acoustically transparent fabric
    • 13 MP High Resolution Camera: Autofocus, 1080p@30FPS, FOV 60 Degrees, 5-Element lens, Hybrid IR filter
    • Wide Camera - 13MP wide camera for remote navigation, FOV 95 Degrees, 1080p@30FPS
    • ToF Depth Camera - 30 FPS, Up to 5 meters, 90° FOV
    • CPU 1 - ARM Quad core
    • Operation System - Human interaction computer based on Android architecture with proprietary launcher and User Interface
    • CPU 2 - ARM Hexa core, LINUX OS
    • Main navigation computer based on ARM architecture, enabling high performance with minimal power consumption
    • Two independent 50 W direct drive Brushless DC motors
    • High resolution magnetic encoders that produce a smooth, accurate ride
    • Maneuverability - Zero turn radius
    • Speed - Up to 1 meter per second
    • Custom tires for optimal grip, stability and vibrations management
    • Wireless Charging - The tray contains a standard wireless charger for your mobile phone
    • Tray - 30x25cm. Holds up to 3Kg 1×0.8ft Holds up to 6.6Lb.
    • Up to 8 Hours of operation per charge
    • Autonomous charging- 220V/110V
    • High performance docking station
    • Lithium-Ion cells

    What's Included

    1 temi

    1 Docking Station and Cable

    1 User Manual

    temi app available on both iOS or Android

    1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • What is temi?

    temi is the world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home. Temi places you at the center of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications – harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. Featuring state of the art AI, and a system of sensors and cameras, temi will seamlessly improve your life, perfectly navigating in the most dynamic environment imaginable – your home or office. temi offers you an effortless way to connect with online content and friends. Temi offers an unparalleled personal robot experience, as user friendly as using a light switch.

    What does temi do?

    temi lets you consume your technology in the most natural way: heads-up and hands-free. temi lets you experience moving video calls, controls all of your smart home devices, lets you enjoy music and videos from any room in the house and is the ultimate AI assistant. temi is an open platform for apps that interact with you including interactive games, educational apps that make learning fun, medical apps and more. When away, temi enables you to connect from your smartphone and physically be inside your home – to spend time with your family, or check that everything is safe

    How will temi improve my life?

    temi delivers an immersive user experience that utilizes emerging and sophisticated technology to promote deeper, fuller human connection. You can be connected from anywhere and at any time to the things that matter to you: your friends, your media, your home. It lets you put your smartphone down and stay connected without disengaging you from the life surrounding you. Temi acts as a home hub, personal assistant, entertainment system and can layer many more applications due to its open android platform atop temi’s core applications.

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