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Cheerble Board Game


A New 3-in-1 Board Game for Playful Cats

  • Free your cat's natural instincts
  • No more scratched furniture
  • Long duration playing experience
  • Perfect for exercise & for rest


Keep your cat happy when you're away

This brand new 3-in-1 board game is designed to keep your cat happy and active, providing them with an interesting Playboard and a Cheerble Ball to satisfy their natural instincts and work off stress.

Designed for scratching instincts

Cheerble Board Game has a built-in Scratch where it can let your cat freely play with their natural instincts and release their stress. No more scratched furniture at home and no more worrying as pawrents.

Great for cat friends of all sizes

Cheerble Board Game is a one-size-fits-all toy. It's perfectly suited for our smallest kitty friends, as well as the biggest ones.


*Comes with a Red Cheerble Ball