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Expressive E

Touché SE (Pre-Order Only)

$359.00 $299.00

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  • Touché SE is an expressive MIDI controller that allows you to physically control your sounds through intuitive gestures such as tapping, pushing and sliding.
    • Made specifically for laptop musicians who exclusively work with software instruments.
    • Includes more than 200 professionally-designed software instrument sounds that are fully mapped and ready to play.
    • USB-powered, 3rd party VST supported, can be used with or without its accompanying software (Lié).

    Premium Build Quality

    Poly-carbon touch plate: A silky smooth poly-carbon skin makes sliding and gliding an intuitive and smooth gesture. A black finish makes for a sleek look. The skin is magnetized in order to be removed and locked easily.

    Ultra-sensitive response: The touch plate responds to the lightest pressures so that decisive and barely there taps make adding percussive sounds a pleasure. The inner flexible cylinder determines the pressure feedback, bounce and return, of the touch plate for a responsive feel.

    Gestures: Control multiple aspects of the sound in a single movement. Slide down and shift left to right at the same time for a tone and pitch change. Each shifting can be independently mapped to one or several parameters of your plugins.

    USB port: Powered by a USB port, Touché SE can be plugged directly into your computer to start working with your software instruments and Lié.

    Play, Produce and Perform

    Start playing in minutes, with an amazing library of over 200 professional sounds, each designed to take full advantage of the unique power of the hardware. A beautifully engineered instrument, it can translate anything, from the softest touch to the roughest rhythms, with pinpoint precision. Unlock the true expressive power of all your favourite third-party VST instruments, mapping them with just a few clicks.

    Lié (Companion Software)

    Lié makes it easy to play with Touché SE without having to spend hours understanding how to set things up. Packed with a set of quick and useful tools including filters & tags, preset lists, instrument view, and plug-in selection, Lié truly helps the work to flow in a unified, plug-and-play experience. It also comes with over 150 sounds that you can play out of the box with the bundled synth UVI Workstation. These factory presets were carefully crafted to offer the perfect interaction between touch, and sound. If you want to make your own sounds, Lié makes it very easy to connect Touché SE to your favorite plug-ins.

  • USB Powered

    Axes of Movements
    • 4 axes of movement (Push Top Down, Push Bottom Down, Shift Left, Shift Right) with customizable sensitivity
    Software Bundle
    • Lié control software is available as Standalone, VST and AU, compatible with Mac OS 10.10 or higher and Windows 10 or higher
    • Dimensions: 24.6L x 10.0W x 6.2H cm
    • Weight: 0.6 kg

    What's Included

    1 Touché SE Hardware Instrument

    1 4ft USB Cable

    1 Printed Quick Start Guide with Lié Download and Activation Code

    1 Discount Voucher Code for UVI Falcon Software

    1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • Can I use the Touché (SE) without a computer?

    Yes, the Touché SE can work without a computer. It acts as a USB MIDI class compliant device when it doesn’t detect Expressive E’s companion app running on a connected computer. It will need USB power, e.g. from a standard smartphone USB power supply unit.

    Is it USB-powered?

    Yes. Touché SE can be connected to any USB power source.

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