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Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain


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    Incentivise water intake for your pets.

    The Pawbo Spring features constant running water that retains oxygen for freshness to encourage your pets to drink more. The three-layer filter helps to keep the water extra clean to avoid any foul smells.

    Monitor your pet’s health.

    You can learn about your pet’s drinking patterns from the app. This data will be valuable to your vet to help diagnose any illnesses such as kidney diseases. The Pawbo Spring also notifies you when your pets aren’t drinking enough water.

    Designed to be smart and safe.

    No burn out. The water pump shuts down automatically when there’s insufficient water in storage. The electric connectors are built onto the top of the equipment to prevent any short-circuiting.

    Easy & convenient.

    Take out, refill and insert the removable water tank, without disconnecting. Designed to make cleaning effortless. The Pawbo Spring will notify you when the water level is low or if there is a need to change the filter.

    Pet-friendly design.

    The sloping surface on the Pawbo Spring allows pets to easily drink without wetting their whiskers or jaw. This allows pets to drink comfortably without hurting their neck.

    Capture precious moments.

    The first water fountain with a built-in camera that can auto detect your pets with the iPuppyGO tag and to start recording. Download clips of your pet drinking via the Pawbo Spring app.

  • Pawbo Filter
    • Contents: Filters x 3 (Cotton, Activated Carbon, Ion-exchange Resin), Hose x 1
    • Dimensions: 143L x 40W x 8D mm
    • Weight: 8 g
    • Water Tank Volume: 3 L
    • Input: 5V 1A
    • Adapter: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 258L x 243W x 250H mm
    • Weight: 2.5 kg

    What's Included

    1 Pawbo Spring

    1 Pawbo Filter

    1 User Manual

    1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • How does the Pawbo Spring know how much my pet is drinking every day? How does it know if my pet is drinking enough water?

    After you download the Pawbo Spring app, have successfully paired it with the Pawbo Spring and started using the app, the app will calculate the recommended daily water intake for your pet. It will automatically keep track of the amount of water consumed, and provide reminders regarding your pet's water intake via push notifications.

    Is the Pawbo Spring noisy?

    The Pawbo Spring uses a super quiet motor. At normal water levels, the noise level is around 40 dB, which is hardly noticeable. For reference, ambient noise is around 60 dB. A quiet office is around 50 dB, and late-night in a suburban residential area would be around 40 dB.

    Is the Pawbo Spring easy to clean?

    The Pawbo Spring's strategic motor and water tank placement allow you to remove the water tank for cleaning, without having to power off the device. With no hard corners or hard-to-reach spots, the water tank is very easy to clean. After cleaning, simply refill with water to the MAX fill line and return the tank to its original location.

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