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Urikar AT1


Smart AI-Powered Percussive Massage Device

  • Features 3600 RPM, 8-speed levels, 65 pounds of force
  • Dual therapy modes for fitness and relief
  • AI capabilities learn and instruct for better therapy
  • Ergonomic design with sound insulation

Intelligent Dashboard
Urikar is easy to use. Powered by an Italian made STM chip, the smart-dashboard collects, analyses, displays and instructs you through every massage cycle, giving you suggestions on where and how long to massage. It is as simple as point & punch.

AI-Powered Auto Mode
The AI-powered Auto Mode is the default massage mode on AT1. By giving you full instructions on where to massage, and pre-setup proper massage speed, force, and depth for you, deep muscle massage for ultimate relaxation has never been this simple and easy before.

Massage Head Recognition
Urikar’s proprietary smart head-recognition gives you massage instructions for point to point muscle stiffness relaxation. The AT1 comes equipped with built-in automated massage force adjustment and body-mapping tech, accompanied with speed, force, and percussive patterns for targeted pain mitigation.

Adaptive Massage Speed
Urikar offers a human-like massage experience. An innovative infrared inspection sensor enables smart percussive speed adaptation based on your massage movement. Start and pause progressively when Urikar is near or away from the massage area to reduce any unpleasant vibration and achieve a longer battery life.

Deep Tissue Massage
The powerful 65mm brushless motor is able to penetrate up to 16 millimetres into muscle tissue and gives you a satisfying, reliable result on every massage action yet offering up to 10 hours of battery life on every charge cycle.

Quiet & Relaxing
With advanced noise Insulation and a smart STM chip, the noise level control is well contained and reduced to its bare minimum. Urikar AT1 offers a quiet yet effective and enjoyable massage experience with lower than 65dB at its full massage speed. Felt, not heard.