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Urikar Pro 2

$259.00 $239.00

Deep Tissue Muscle Heated Massager with Rotating Handle

  • 3 working modes include Continuous / Intermittent / Ladder
  • Heating function for deep muscle therapy
  • 180° rotating handle with ergonomic grip
  • Comes with 8 different massage heads


8 Set of Standard Massage Heads

  1. Ball Head: Uniform and soft strength suitable for whole-body muscle massage and relaxation.

  2. U-Shaped Head: Suitable for shoulders, cervical vertebrae and bilateral muscles. Note: Don't directly hit the cervical spine and spine. it will cause personal injury.

  3. Bullet Head: Suitable for tendon, acupoint, etc.

  4. D-Shaped Head: Suitable for back, cervical, and waist massage.

  5. Air Plug Head: Suitable for massaging bones and sensitive parts.

  6. Flat Head: Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts of the body.

  7. Triangular Soft Head: Suitable for shoulder massage and relaxation.

  8. Heating Head: It can promote the decomposition of lactic acid after exercise when heated, and is suitable for whole-body muscle massage and relaxation.

PTC Ceramic Heating Elements
The inside of the massage head uses PTC ceramic heating elements featuring small thermal resistance, high heat to exchange efficiency, automatic constant temperature, power saving. This technology is widely applied in chronic injury therapy devices to reduce achiness.

Overwhelming Superiority
Pro 2 uses advanced technology to make the massager user-friendly. The combination of these superior features makes the Pro 2 Percussion Massager a perfect and powerful addition to any athlete, therapist or fitness specialist’s recovery regimen.