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Singapore's #1 Adjustable Standing Desk

A healthier way to get to work that's also clutter-free. Get the desk that makes you excited for work.


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No Pain, All Gain.

You can now get healthier at your desk, no sweat needed, rain or shine. Health coach nudges you into healthy desk habits by reminding you to sit and stand at preferred intervals.

Hate Desk Clutter?

The UniGroove™ organises your workspace so that you can find what you want, when you want it.

Designed For Tight Spaces

EverDesk+’s frame and feet maintain a seriously small footprint without sacrificing stability.They won’t stick out, even with our smallest table top, allowing you to push your desk right up against the wall

Zero Wobble Structure

The T-shaped column design evenly distributes forces across the frame and legs — giving you maximum stability at every height.


Colby L.

Expected from the same firm that sells the supreme chair that is already in my room. I wanted to take a look at the desk myself to feel it out. The frame feels pretty sturdy and the table top seemed genuine. Moreover the memory unit was so fast and super convenient.

Gerrard N.

Have always wondered what the issue was with regards to standing desk. After getting one myself,I have to say they are great. Good quality frame and table top, whats more the motors are real quiet, not intrusive in any way.

Ben D.

Always wondered what the fuss over a standing desk is. My colleague recommended them so I went to their showroom. The salesperson was very helpful and explained everything for me without being pushy. I got the ever desk plus max desk with a few accessories like screen mounting and table shelf. Worth it because it all works together nicely and my workspace looks very good now.

Connor L.

An extremely quality purchase, though it did take quite a while for delivery, assembly instructions are quite clear. End product turned out even better than expected. Surprised to note how quiet at least in my opinion the dual motors are in terms of adjustments. Would have expected a much louder buzzing noise especially if you tried lifting the table top.


*Use code 22##SYNCED for up to $145 OFF

#1 Rated Adjustable Standing Desk

Choose between two premium quality adjustable standing desk office chairs from EverDesk+.


Everything You Could Ever Ask For In A Desk

✔️ Health Coach Controller
✔️ Dual Motor Combo
✔️ 120kg Weight Limit


*Use code 22##SYNCED for up to $145 OFF


Light On Price, Still Heavy On Features

✔️ Up/Down Controller
✔️ Single Motor
✔️ 70kg Weight Limit


*Use code 22##SYNCED for up to $145 OFF

Accessories To Pair

Choose from a wide selection of desk accessories from EverDesk+ to elevate your setup experience.


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