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Curating Innovations.
Inspiring Tomorrow.

We’re on a mission to help you elevate your every day with innovative tech from around the world.


Fuel For Tomorrow.

When we started Synced, we were fascinated by the tremendous amount of innovation created by problem-solvers from around the world. From self-growing smart gardens to self-cleaning water bottles, there seemed to always be a better version of our simple everyday things.

Yet, though these inventions may be revolutionary, they didn’t have a platform to connect with users who might find them life-changing. So we set out on that journey — to curate and connect you to innovations from around the world.

And just like on day one, we’re bringing you the best new brands, tech and stories to inspire your tomorrow. It’s been an amazing ride and we can’t thank you enough for your support.


We’re curating the world’s most innovative tech brands

From well-loved favourites to under-the-radar finds, there’s an innovation for everyone that's engineered with purpose. Follow us on our journey as we partner with the most amazing brands to bring you the best inventions of our time.

Click & Grow

Indoor smart gardens for home


Percussive therapy for recovery

Neo Smartpen

Smart pens to digitalise writing


Smart tech essentials for kids


Elevated charging tools for everyday use


GPS smartwatches for health & wellness