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Best TV Backlights

Best TV Backlights in 2024 (Change with Picture)

Are you looking for a TV backlight that can sync with your TV and change color according to the picture on the screen? Let’s take a look at some of the best TV backlights in the market!

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

LG C4 vs Sony A95L: Specs, Features, and more

Being the new mid-range OLED TV, how does LG C4 compare to last year Sony A95L flagship model? Let's dive deeper into the key specifications and features of both TVs!

LG C4 vs Samsung S90C

LG C4 vs Samsung S90C: Comparison Across 5 Aspects

How do both OLED TVs compare in terms of price, design, picture quality, audio quality, and smart features?

LG C4 vs Samsung S95D

LG C4 vs Samsung S95D: Similarities & Differences

Both promise enhanced picture quality and a range of smart TV features, but what are the similarities and differences between the two? Let's find out!

LG C4 vs Samsung S90D

LG C4 vs Samsung S90D: 5 Aspects to Consider

Among other 2024-released OLED TV models, both are very similar in terms of specs and performance. So, which one should you choose?

LG C4 vs LG G3

LG C4 vs LG G3: Which OLED TV is Better?

How does the 2024-released mid-range LG C4 compare to the 2023-released high-end LG G3 OLED TV? Which one offers better value for your money?

Samsung S90D vs LG G4

Samsung S90D vs LG G4: Things to Know!

When comparing these two premium models, there are several key factors to consider before making your purchase decision.