Kickstarters of the Month (Nov 2022 Edition)

By Linus Tan
Published Nov 2022

On our list

#1: The World’s Fastest Shoes: Moonwalkers

#2: All-in-One Coffee Machine: xBloom

#3: The World’s Smallest A4 Portable Printer: NEWYES LD0801 Printer

#4: Your New Modular Workstation: EDGE Pro

#5: The Sneaker That Can Take On Any Weather: Vessi Cloudburst

#1: Moonwalkers — The World’s Fastest Shoes



Remember Heelys? The shoes that had a wheel at the back and were every kid’s dream in the late 2000s?

The Moonwalkers are bringing that concept to a whole new level with robotics.

Conceptualised by Shift Robotics, the Moonwalkers are the first-ever enhanced mobility device to let you magically walk at the speed of running.

To draw some parallels, they’re kinda like motorised rollerblades that speeds up your walking pace by 2.5x without any extra effort. Now, you can conquer uphills, grocery runs and dog walks in a breeze.

Learn more about Moonwalkers on Kickstarter.



Enhanced Mobility Device

Walk like you're on the moon and up to 2.5x faster than normal.

#2: xBloom — All-in-One Coffee Machine



This one is for coffee lovers.

Designed and engineered by Apple product design veterans, the xBloom lets you savour cafe-quality coffee from your favourite roasters in the comfort of your home.

They’re partnered up with speciality coffee roasters from around the world to create unique recipes through their xPod product. Using this system, the xBloom is able to recognise the beans, grind them professionally, and then brew them perfectly.

You can also use the machine to customise your own coffee by adjusting the grind settings, water temperature, brew ratio, time and pouring pattern, giving you over 1 trillion brewing options.

Learn more about xBloom on Kickstarter.



All-in-One Coffee Machine

Scan, grind and brew coffee from your favourite roasters.

#3: NEWYES LD0801 Printer — The World’s Smallest A4 Portable Printer

NEWYES LD0801 Printer

NEWYES LD0801 Printer

Printers have always been bulky, but not this one.

The NEWYES LD0801 Printer is looking to make printing wireless and portable with its inkless, thermal printing.

It is compact and lightweight to comfortably carry and will print anything you need while on the go. From documents to designs, print them all on the spot when needed and never have to worry.

Learn more about NEWYES LD0801 Printer on Kickstarter.

NEWYES LD0801 Printer

NEWYES LD0801 Printer

Wireless & Portable Printer

Print important documents and designs on the go.

#4: EDGE Pro — Your New Modular Workstation



Nowadays, we need to access information from many devices when working. Going back and forth between screens — be it your phone, tablet or computer — there hasn’t been an easy way to uniquely and neatly organise your workstation.

With the EDGE Pro by Rolling Square, you now have access to an ecosystem of attachments that can combine into all sorts of configurations to design your own personal workstation.

Learn more about EDGE Pro on Kickstarter.



Modular Workstation

Configure and optimise your best workspace orientation.

#5: Vessi Cloudburst - The Sneaker That Can Take On Any Weather

Vessi Cloudburst

Vessi Cloudburst

Hate it when your shoes and socks get wet? Then you’ll love this.

Vessi has established itself in the sneaker industry for its patented waterproof stretch-knit technology that will keep your feet dry even in wet weather conditions. They have previously launched 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for their innovative shoes and are back with their all-new high-top adventure-ready design to help you conquer the world.

The Cloudburst is 100% waterproof and provides greater coverage for warmth and water protection wherever you go. It also has a temperature-regulating feature to let your feet feel warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it's hot.

Learn more about Vessi Cloudburst on Kickstarter.

Vessi Cloudburst

Vessi Cloudburst

100% Waterproof Shoes

Conquer your next adventure with shoes the protect from all weathers.

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