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Beat Yesterday With Garmin

Smart Wearable Devices To Elevate Your Everyday

Beat Yesterday With Garmin

Smart Wearable Devices To Elevate Your Everyday

Engineered On The Inside For Life On The Outside

Shop Garmin's range of smartwatches for adventure, golf, health, running and more. Explore all of our wrist-worn devices for all ages, from fitness trackers to advanced smartwatches.

vĂ­vo Series

Health & Fitness Smart Trackers To Keep You Going

Tune in to your body, and tone up with a smartwatch that can track it all and help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Style In Motion

Featuring a bright, beautiful AMOLED display and packed with the broadest available range of all-day health monitoring features, music storage and on-screen, animated workouts.

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Venu Sq

More Than You Expect. For Less Than You Think.

Featuring a bright colour display, the Venu Sq GPS Smartwatch combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving.

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Forerunner Series

Find Your Inner Forerunner

Whether you run to chase down new PRs, find your Zen or simply enjoy the outdoors, the Forerunner is made for you.

fēnix Series

Pace Yourself To Higher Performance

These rugged fēnix multisport GPS watches let you add mapping, music, intelligent pace planning and more to your workouts — so you can take any challenge in stride.

Approach Series

Play Better Golf On The Range

Our golf watches feature built-in high sensitivity GPS chips loaded with complete map data, which clearly displays the precise yardages to front, middle and back of the green, hazards, doglegs and layups. They also allow you to manually pin the location of your flag on the day to let you better gauge the distance to the hole.