Fitbit Sense 2

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Advanced Health & Fitness Watch
✓ Stress & Sleep Management
✓ Dive Deep Into Heart Health
✓ Up to 6 days of battery life
✓ Includes 6-month Fitbit Premium membership

Colour: Blue Mist / Soft Gold Aluminium


Manage Stress, Sleep Better & Live Healthier

Live healthier and feel your best when you take steps to improve your sleep and stress with Sense 2, Fitbit's most advanced health and fitness watch.

Style & Comfort

Sense 2 is sleek and slim with raised band attachments that make it more comfortable for all-day wear. The modern design complements styles ranging from funky to formal.

Smart Info On The Go

Get notifications from your phone, pay for retail items, use the built-in voice assistant and send quick replies and voice replies right from your wrist.

Easily Pay Hands-Free

Pay from your wrist at retail stores or transit stations that accept contactless payments.

Battery for 6+ Days

Sense 2 tracks all your health & fitness stats for 6+ days without having to stop for a charge. Plus get a full day's charge in just 12 minutes.

Understand Stress

Better sleep. Improved mood. More energy. managing stress with Sense 2 can help you get there. identify patterns of stress with all-day body-response tracking and smart notifications to remind you to reflect on your emotions. try new ways of managing stress with guided breathing, exercise, meditations and more.

Analyse Your Sleep

Sense 2 helps you get the sleep of your dreams. Sleep Profile breaks down your sleep data each month and pinpoints how you can improve your sleep based on 10 key sleep metrics. Check your Sleep Score to learn about the quality of your previous night's sleep, and get a breakdown of time in light, deep & REM sleep with Premium.*

Tune In To Your body

Sense 2+ Premium helps illuminate changes in your wellness. Check your Health Metrics dashboard to see heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, SpO2 and more. You can also use 90 days of health trends to uncover changes to your well-being.

Everything Start With Heart

Use the ECG app for on-demand atrial fibrillation assessment or turn on irregular heart rhythm notifications to assess your heart while you're sleeping. Heart-rate tracking surfaces insights from your sleep, stress, activity and more while high & low heart rate notifications keep a close eye on your heart rate.

Fitbit Sense 2

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