Theragun PRO Plus - 6th Generation (Gift With Purchase)

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The ultimate multi-therapy device for athletic performance.
✓ Pain relief and tension reduction
✓ Faster recovery and tissue repair
✓ Performance enhancement
✓ Injury prevention and improved circulation

Buy a Theragun Pro and get a Smart Body Composition Scale worth $108! Terms and conditions apply. Limited stock available.

One device. Limitless performance.

Push the limits of what's possible. Engineered with six breakthrough therapies, Theragun PRO Plus relieves pain, improves mobility and optimizes recovery.

Vibration Therapy

Relieve joint pain and treat sensitive areas.

Heat Therapy

Loosen up stiff muscles and accelerate recovery.

Cold Therapy

Reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. (Sold separately.)

The power of LED light therapy.

Near infrared LED light therapy penetrates deep into muscles and joints to stimulate circulation and boost healing. Combine it with additional therapies to take your recovery to the max.

Work hard. Recover harder.

Treat joints and other sensitive areas with vibration therapy, available in three different speeds. Combine it with near infrared LED light therapy for even more powerful relief.

Boost circulation with heat therapy, available in 3 scientifically-optimized temperatures. Heat and percussive massage help to loosen stiff muscles, improve warm-up and accelerate recovery.

Knock out pain, inflammation and swelling with cold therapy (sold separately). Choose from one of three temperature levels for your comfort level.

Maximize your recovery with guided breathwork routines for improved focus and increased relaxation.

Treat your muscles to deep, powerful massage.

Theragun PRO Plus delivers 16mm percussive massage therapy (our deepest level) to target serious muscle soreness and offer all the recovery benefits of a 15-minute massage in just two minutes.

Enhance your training routine with the Therabody App.

Discover curated guided routines, save your favorites directly to your device, and elevate your Theragun PRO Plus session by incorporating calming breathwork and soothing TheraMind sound therapy.

Targeted, high-quality attachments for a more personalised treatment.


Reduce aches and pains in tender or sensitive areas


For shoulder blades, IT bands, scraping and flushing.

Standard Ball

Reduce tension with an all-over body massage


Increase circulation and stimulate recovery


Ease your lower back, trigger points + painful knots

Real people. Real results.

Amy M., Theragun user

"I bring this thing everywhere with me. It has definitely helped me with daily recovery."

Megan M., Theragun user

"I have chronic neck and back pain, and Theragun has provided me major relief."

Edwin E., Theragun user

"The triangle grip really helps me get comfortable angles on individual muscle groups."

Theragun PRO Plus - 6th Generation (Gift With Purchase)

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