Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys: Which is better?

By Linus T.
Updated May 2023

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

The Logitech Combo Touch and ZAGG Pro Keys are two highly recommended options for iPad users who need a keyboard for typing on the go. With their sleek and intuitive designs, these keyboards are not only stylish but also highly functional.

In this review, we compare the Logitech Combo Touch vs ZAGG Pro Keys on price, design & specs, and features.

On our list

#1 Price

#2 Design & Specs

#3 Features

Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch

✓ Dedicated function keys
✓ Works attached & detached
✓ Slim & lightweight design
✓ Budget-friendly

Zagg Pro Keys

Zagg Pro Keys

✓ Multi-device pairing
✓ Bluetooth connectivity
✓ Multi-colour backlighting
✓ Budget-friendly

1. Price

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

To ensure a fair comparison, we will use the iPad Pro 11-inch model as a reference, as there are different variants available for the Logitech Combo Touch & ZAGG Pro Keys.

The ZAGG Pro Keys is priced at US$109, while the Logitech Combo Touch costs US$199 for a similar model. However, during seasonal promotions, you can purchase either option at a much lower price.

If you're looking for an affordable option, the ZAGG Pro Keys is definitely the obvious choice, at almost half the price of the Logitech Combo Touch. Although more expensive, the Logitech Combo Touch justifies its price with more features.

2. Design & Specs

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

The Logitech Combo Touch and ZAGG Pro Keys are about the same size, as they are both designed to fit a similarly sized iPad. Their slim profile makes them lightweight and convenient to carry around.

Both keyboards come with a nice case for your iPad that provides protection against exterior damage from drops. Their cases also have back support that can be extended to prop up your iPad while you work. You can easily adjust the viewing angle between 20° and 60° for your ideal work setup.

The Logitech keyboard is fully detachable from the case, allowing you to use the tablet in various settings and adjust the distance to your specific viewing preferences. While you can also detach your iPad from the ZAGG Pro Keys, doing so means forgoing the back support to prop up your iPad and is not so much used in the same way as the Logitech Combo Touch. The flexibility is primarily for easy access in situations where you don't need your keyboard.

The Logitech Combo Touch stands out for its large trackpad, measuring 4.5" x 2.3", which the ZAGG Pro Keys lacks. The trackpad provides users with added flexibility when using the device, allowing for easy screen navigation and task execution. Furthermore, the large trackpad improves cursor precision, which is especially helpful for detailed projects or documents.

3. Features

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

The Logitech Combo Touch and ZAGG Pro Keys share several features, including backlit keys that facilitate typing in low-light environments. Furthermore, the keys on both keyboards are well-spaced, providing a satisfying typing experience. Additionally, they each have an extra row of function keys designed for returning to the home screen, controlling media, and adjusting the iPad's display brightness and keyboard backlight with a simple tap. All of these features make for a more convenient and functional experience.

The ZAGG Pro Keys has a standout feature: its backlight offers seven different colours to choose from, while the Logitech Combo Touch only has white backlighting. This feature is not just fancy, it is also practical for working in different light settings and being able to toggle to the most optimal backlight colour.

The ZAGG Pro Keys is more versatile than the Logitech Combo Touch because it allows for multi-device pairing. You can pair up to two devices over Bluetooth, such as your tablet and phone, and toggle back and forth between them for work.

Compare Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

Final Thoughts

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

Logitech Combo Touch vs Zagg Pro Keys

The ZAGG Pro Keys offer excellent value for its price, providing almost everything you could ask for in an iPad keyboard. However, the key trade-off is the lack of a trackpad, which we feel is essential.

An iPad keyboard is intended to help turn your iPad into more of a laptop. However, the absence of a trackpad makes us prefer the Logitech Combo Touch despite its higher price tag. But if you're okay with using the iPad's touchscreen or a separate wireless mouse, the ZAGG Pro Keys is a great option.

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