Ring Battery Doorbell Plus vs Ring Video Doorbell 4: Similar But Not the Same

By Naila Syifa
Updated September 2023

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus vs Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to smart camera doorbells. Some of their top-notch models are the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus and the Ring Video Doorbell 4.

These devices look very similar from the outside, but they are not the same. There are some key differences important to consider before making your purchase. In this article, we'll take a closer look at their price, video camera quality, smart features, and installation process.

SpecsRing Battery Doorbell PlusRing Video Doorbell 4
Power SourceBattery or hardwiredBattery or hardwired
Wi-Fi Connectivity2.4 GHz2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
Field of View150° horizontal, 150° vertical160° horizontal, 90° vertical
Night VisionYes, coloredYes, black and white
Live ViewYesYes
Video HistoryYes, up to 180 daysYes, up to 180 days
Motion Detection and AlertsYes, Person and Package AlertsYes, Person and Package Alerts
Pre-Roll Video PreviewsNoYes
Two-Way AudioYes, with Noise CancellationYes, with Noise Cancellation
Quick RepliesYesYes
Smart Home CompatibilityAlexaAlexa
Subscription Required for Full FeaturesYesYes

Key Takeaways

Ring Doorbell Plus is better than Doorbell 4 with a wider field-of-view and higher resolution of 1536p compared to Doorbell 4's 1080p. Doorbell Plus offers colored night vision and a new Color Pre-Roll Video feature unavailable in Doorbell 4. However, Doorbell Plus only connects to 2.4 GHz while Doorbell 4 can connect to 5 GHz as well.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

2023 Release

✓ 1536p resolution, 150° horizontal and 150° vertical angles
✓ Color Night Vision
✓ Live view, motion detection, alerts, two-way audio
✓ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4

2021 Release

✓ 1080p resolution, 160° horizontal and 90° vertical angles
✓ Night Vision
✓ Live view, motion detection, alerts, two-way audio, pre-roll video previews
✓ 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity

#1 Price

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4

As the newer model that was just released in 2023, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is slightly more expensive, coming in at $179.99. On the other hand, the Ring Video Doorbell 4, an older model that was released in 2021, is currently priced at $159.99.

#2 Design

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

The two models look incredibly similar. Having a common dimension of 5.1 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches, you can upgrade from the Ring Video Doorbell 4 to the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus easily without having to replace the wall mount. Both camera doorbells are also water-resistant and available in satin nickel. Perhaps, the only difference between the two is that the Doorbell Plus has a wider camera lens with an extra hole below it.

#3 Video Camera Quality

Ring Video Doorbell 4
Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Night Vision vs Color Night Vision

Ring Video Doorbell 4 has a 1080p video camera with 160° horizontal and 84° vertical viewing angles, as well as Night Vision that allows you to see clearly under low light conditions. However, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus has an even better video camera quality.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus offers a higher resolution of 1536p with an expanded field-of-view of 150° horizontal and 150° vertical viewing angles. This gives you a head-to-toe view of whoever is at your doorstep, providing a greater sense of security and peace of mind. Furthermore, it is equipped with Color Night Vision instead of the standard black and white Night Vision, which provides more detail and clarity at night.

#4 Smart Features

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Both the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus and Ring Video Doorbell 4 offer a range of smart features for your convenience and home security. Some features they share in common include:

Live view. You have access to real-time audio and video for monitoring anytime and anywhere via the Ring App.

Record and save. You can store the captured footage in the cloud for up to 180 days and share it with your family, friends, or neighbors.

Motion detection. Both doorbells are equipped with motion sensors with Customizable Motion Zones, so you can choose to focus on specific areas that matter the most and leave the rest out.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Package Alert

Person and package alerts. Both doorbells can recognize people and packages at your doorstep and alert you via the Ring App on your phone. If connected to Alexa, you can also hear voice announcements on your Echo device when a person/package is detected, or have Alexa automatically show you a live video feed on your Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet.

Two-way audio. You can communicate with visitors through the built-in speakers and microphone on the device. If you're too busy or unavailable to answer, Quick Replies allow you to choose from preset responses, asking the visitors to leave a message like an answering machine for your front door.

Customizable Privacy Zones. You can limit what the camera records, ensuring privacy whenever you want it.

Home/Away Mode. You can easily change mode to set the camera to record when you’re away, or turn off when you’re home.

Safety Alerts. You can receive real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local public safety agencies.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Pre-Roll Video Previews

An additional feature that the Ring Battery Doorbell 4 offers is the Color Pre-Roll Video Previews. This feature allows the camera to capture footage of the four seconds before a motion event is detected, giving you a complete picture of what's happening outside your door. This is especially useful when you're away from home and want to keep an eye on your property, making the Doorbell 4 richer in terms of feature compared to the Doorbell Plus.

However, bear in mind that some of the features offered by both doorbell cameras may require a subscription to Ring Protect. The Basic plan costs $3.99 monthly while the Plus plan costs $10 and the Pro plan $20 per month. Learn more about Ring Protect here.

#5 Installation

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Both smart doorbell cameras can be installed quickly and easily with just 3 steps. First, insert the Quick Release Battery Pack. Then, connect the device to the Ring App and follow the in-app instructions to customize settings. Lastly, mount the device with the provided screws and click the faceplate into place.

The Quick Release Battery Pack allows you to easily remove and recharge the battery without having to take the whole device down. If charging is too much of a hassle for you, you can hardwire the device to your existing doorbell system (8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz). Another option is to purchase a separate Ring plug-in adapter ($24.99) which allows you to plug the device into any standard outlet for continuous charging.

When it comes to setting up, one different aspect between the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus and Ring Video Doorbell 4 is the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Doorbell Plus connects to a 2.4 GHz frequency band while the Doorbell 4 connects to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, offering more flexibility in terms of Wi-Fi network compatibility.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus vs Ring Video Doorbell 4

Final Thoughts

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4

In a glimpse, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus and Ring Video Doorbell 4 look visually identical. However, they have some key differences that set them apart.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is $10 more costly, but it offers better video resolution, wider viewing angles, and Color Night Vision, compared to the Doorbell 4. It lacks compatibility with 5 GHz bands and the Pre-Roll Previews feature, but it's still an improved upgrade of the older Ring Video Doorbell 4 that will be worth your investment.

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