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Linus Tan - Apr 2021

The Best STEM Coding Toy For Kids: Sphero BOLT

In this day and age, learning to code is an extremely useful and future-proof skill. As such, many parents are exploring various ways to expose their children to the world of coding from a young age through fun and engaging mediums like games and toys. When it comes to coding toys for children, there's one toy that stands out from the rest-- meet the  Sphero BOLT

Introducing Sphero Bolt

Sphero BOLT

One of the most highly-rated coding toys for children aged 8 and above is the Sphero BOLT, a versatile robot shaped like a ball compatible with two applications: Sphero Play and Sphero Edu. 

Children can do all sorts of things with the Sphero BOLT, whether that’s bowling or painting or playing tag with their dog. On ‘play’ mode, kids can use their facial expressions, gestures, and drawings to drive the ball, or handle it like a controller to play games on the Sphero Play application. You won't have to worry about the Sphero BOLT dying mid-play as it can give your kids up 4+ hours of playtime on a single charge, so it's a great way to keep your kids engaged and occupied!

Sphero BOLT

The Sphero Edu application contains over 100 guided computer science lessons, activities, and programs, consisting of varying skill level and content areas. Children can learn to program their Sphero BOLT through three programming-related modes: Drawings, Scratch blocks, or Javascript.

This allows for an easy introduction to programming concepts, with room for advancement over time. As your child grows through different interests and depths of coding knowledge, the potential of the Sphero BOLT grows too.

Sphero BOLT

One of the best parts about using Sphero Products is that you’ll be surrounded by an active, knowledgeable community, from creators to educators to parents, who use these products in their own homes and classrooms.

There are hundreds of activities, forums, blogs and YouTube videos for the Sphero BOLT all contributed by members of the Sphero community. This means that you can easily access a diversity of problems to solve, challenges to face, or fun things to do with your Sphero BOLT

Check Out The Sphero Bolt In Action

Final Thoughts

There's a good reason why the Sphero BOLT is widely regarded as the best educational toy available on the market, so much so that many schools in Singapore have incorporated Sphero Products into their programming curriculum.

It’s a toy with possibilities limited only by what you can program 

To see the full collection for Sphero Singapore, you can visit the link here or experience it first-hand at our physical store, Synced by District.