Wyze Cam v4 vs OG: The New Guard Takes On the Classic

By Elisabeth Christ
Published May 2024

Wyze Cam v4 vs OG

When it comes to home surveillance, the evolution of technology can make a significant difference in how effectively you can monitor your spaces. The Wyze Cam v4 represents the latest in compact home security cameras, promising enhanced features and better integration with smart home systems compared to its predecessor, the Wyze Cam OG. Both cameras are designed to offer peace of mind through high-quality video feeds and user-friendly operation, but they cater to slightly different user needs and preferences. As we compare these two models, we'll look at what's new, what's improved, and whether the upgrades in the v4 are worth the switch from the trusty OG model. This comparison aims to help you decide which camera aligns best with your security requirements and budget considerations.

Key Takeaways

The Wyze Cam v4 offers a significant upgrade over the Wyze Cam OG, boasting a higher resolution of 2.5K compared to the OG's 1080p, which means clearer and more detailed images. However, the v4 features a field of view at 115.8° falls short to the OG's 120°. Both cameras support night vision and two-way audio, but the v4 enhances user convenience with its improved motion detection technology and integration capabilities with smart home systems. Battery life remains robust in both models, ensuring reliable performance. Overall, the Wyze Cam v4 stands out as a more versatile and powerful option, making it a worthy investment for those looking to upgrade their home security system.

Wyze Cam v4 vs OG
Wyze Cam V4

Wyze Cam V4

Better Choice for High-definition Video

✓ 2.5K QHD resolution video footage
✓ New sensor for color night vision
✓ 115.8° field of view
✓ Improved dual noise-canceling microphones

Wyze Cam OG

Wyze Cam OG

Better Choice for

✓ 40-lumen spotlight, a 90-decibel siren available
✓ 120° field of view
✓ Up to 1080p video recording with 20fps during the day and 15fps at night
✓ IP65 rating weather resistant with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT support

#1 Price & Design

Wyze Cam V4

Wyze Cam V4

When comparing the Wyze Cam v4 and the Wyze Cam OG, the first noticeable difference lies in their pricing and design aesthetics. The Wyze Cam v4 is priced slightly higher, typically around $36, reflecting its newer technology and enhanced features. In contrast, the Wyze Cam OG is more budget-friendly, often found at about $24. Design-wise, the Wyze Cam v4 sports a more compact and modern look, with dimensions of 67.1 x 57.2 x 101.1 mm, making it slightly smaller than its predecessor. Both models maintain the signature cube shape, but the v4 introduces a more streamlined design with less visible screws and a cleaner finish.

The materials used in both cameras are primarily plastic, but the Wyze Cam v4 has improved weather resistance, boasting an IP65 rating, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Wyze Cam OG, while durable, lacks this rating and is recommended primarily for indoor environments. This distinction is crucial for users looking for versatility and durability in varying climatic conditions.

#2 Feature & Performance

Wyze Cam OG

Wyze Cam OG

Feature-wise, the Wyze Cam v4 is equipped with a starlight sensor that allows for color night vision, a significant upgrade over the Wyze Cam OG’s standard black and white night vision. This feature enables the v4 to capture vivid video footage even in low-light conditions at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (2.5K QHD), which beats the 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution of the OG. Both cameras offer two-way audio, but the v4 has enhanced noise-cancelling algorithms, providing clearer audio communication.

Performance is another area where the Wyze Cam v4 shines. It boasts a new chip that enhances its processing power, allowing for smoother video playback and quicker motion detection. The frame rate has been bumped up to 20 frames per second, making video streams noticeably smoother. Additionally, the v4 supports continuous recording with a microSD card, a feature that is highly valued by users who prefer 24/7 recording capabilities.

#3 Connectivity & Compatibility

Wyze Cam V4

Wyze Cam V4

In terms of connectivity, both the Wyze Cam v4 and the Wyze Cam OG support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, which is standard for home security cameras. However, the v4 model introduces compatibility with the newer WPA3 security protocol, providing an extra layer of security against Wi-Fi hacks. This is particularly important in today’s environment where cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent.

Compatibility with smart home ecosystems is crucial for modern users, and here both cameras perform well. They integrate seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, allowing for a variety of smart home automation configurations. The Wyze Cam v4, however, steps ahead slightly with its improved API that supports faster and more reliable connections to these services, ensuring that your smart home reacts more quickly to commands and integrates more smoothly with other smart devices.

Wyze Cam V4 vs Pan V3

Final Thoughts

Wyze Cam v4 vs OG

Wyze Cam v4 vs OG

Choosing between the Wyze Cam v4 and the Wyze Cam OG ultimately boils down to what you value most in a home security camera. If you're looking for basic surveillance with reliable performance and at a cost-effective price point, the Wyze Cam OG might still hold its ground. It offers straightforward functionality that covers essential security needs, making it a great choice for those new to home security cameras or those on a tight budget.

However, if advanced features like improved image resolution, enhanced night vision, and better integration with other smart home devices are important to you, the Wyze Cam v4 is likely the better investment. The newer model also benefits from updates that include faster processing speeds and a more refined user experience through the Wyze app. These improvements could make managing your home security system more intuitive and responsive. Whether you prioritize cutting-edge technology or cost-effectiveness, both the Wyze Cam v4 and the Wyze Cam OG offer compelling reasons for their place in your home. 

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