3 Tools To Upgrade Your WFH Environment

3 Tools To Upgrade Your WFH Environment

Work from home has seemingly become a mainstay in society as we progress through and from this pandemic. Today, we look at some common problems that people face while working from home and suggest 3 tools that we have curated to make your work-from-home environment just a little bit better.


1. Choose well-designed products

Workspace Set-up

Products that nudge you to make small, efficient behavioural changes can improve your productivity and help you gain a sense of control. 
Take wireless chargers for example. They have shown to be an extremely effective tool for around the home. And if you’re working from home, it can give you a nice boost for your productivity.


At its most basic, the Sum DIAL is a wireless charger. But it’s a good example of a product that can help you cultivate new, constructive habits. When you consciously place your phone on a charger instead of just leaving it anywhere on the table, you’re eliminating the step of plugging your phone in. Also, you won’t have to worry about your battery running low (especially now, when we’re using our devices a lot more).


The Sum DIAL is also a phone stand - it has a 360-degree rotation that angles the phone to 29 degrees, an optimal viewing angle. This is another good habit to cultivate - instead of craning your neck to look at your phone, which might not be the best thing for your spine, try to re-angle your phone to create a better viewing experience. 

Besides the Sum DIAL, there are many other wireless charger options out there that could help boost your productivity and battery life at the same time. But we like the Sum DIAL for its intuitive and versatile design, a feature that Chester Tan from Music Photo Life also loves it for. Discover the Sum DIAL now at Synced by District.


2. Too much screen time 

Work Station


Staring at screens for hours on end, sometimes the hours and minutes meld together. More importantly, it strains our eyes and isn’t as beneficial for processing informationWhen you can, it’s good to take a break from your screen, by finding a window to stare out of or using the most common alternative to typing - pen and paper. Still, the benefits of digitally saving your work are undeniable.

And that’s where the Neo Smartpen might fit into your life.


Neo Smartpen


It’s a pen that digitizes your handwriting and allows you to easily share your notes, drawings and diagrams with co-workers. If you’ve ever wanted to ctrl+f your handwritten notes, with the Neo Smartpen, you actually can.


Neo Smartpen


Isn’t that cool? We think it’s a great alternative to screens because it gives you the same benefits of using pen and paper, without the drawbacks of working offline. Discover the Neo Smartpen M1+ now at Synced by District.


3. Aches and pains

It’s good to heighten your awareness of your workspace because small, barely-noticeable issues might lead to bigger problems in the future. For a good guide on setting up an ergonomic workspace, read this article - one useful tip we learned is that your eye line should meet the top of your computer screen. 

If you’re already feeling the strain from prolonged hours of sitting at a desk, consider the Theragun, a high-quality percussive therapy massage device.


Theragun G3


Percussive therapy is a seemingly new concept for most, but it has managed to win the hearts of celebrities and athletes alike, who now swear by it. Such devices can help to relieve sore muscles by vibrating at a specific amplitude and frequency.

 The Theragun can operate at two speeds - 29 percussions per second and 40 percussions per second. It’s good for at-home use, designed for you to be able to reach hard-to-reach areas without straining your hands and wrists. It’s also hygienic, because its foam attachments are not porous, don’t absorb sweat, lotion or oils, and can be easily cleaned.


Theragun G3PRO


We also like that there are guides online and on the Theragun app that can help you figure out how to properly use the device (but if you have medical questions or concerns, be sure to consult your own physician). Still, prevention is better than cure, so try to remind yourself to sit up straight, and make ergonomically-friendly adjustments to your workspace if you can. 

Discover the Theragun PRO and Theragun Prime now at Synced by District.


Final Thoughts 

We spend hours in our workspaces, but sometimes don’t think about them as much as we should.  Now that we’re becoming more aware of our environments, we can think of actionable goals, like developing better habits or looking for products with quality and purpose. Your work-from-home situation might be temporary, but you can definitely bring some of your new discoveries to your office desk, whenever you get back to it. 

For now, let’s make the best out of it.

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