A Comprehensive List of Smart Home Voice Commands

By Naila Syifa
Updated November 2023

A Complete List of Smart Home Voice Commands

Smart Home Voice Commands

Most smart home devices can be controlled using voice commands, making it easy to manage your home without ever leaving the couch. However, are you sure that you have fully explored all the voice command options available for your smart home devices?

In the infographic above, you can find a comprehensive list of smart home voice commands that are useful not only for controlling your smart home devices but also for automating your daily tasks and making your life easier.

From turning on your coffee maker in the morning to dimming the lights for movie night, there's a voice command for every task. Try experimenting with different phrasing and variations of the commands to see what works best for your devices and personal preferences. You might be surprised at how much more efficient your daily routine can become with the use of voice commands.

Make sure to check the user manuals for your devices to see what voice commands are supported and how to properly phrase them. Some devices may have specific keywords or phrases that need to be used in order to trigger certain actions.

Additionally, keep in mind that some voice assistants may work better with certain devices or brands, so it's worth testing out different combinations to find the most seamless and effective smart home setup for your needs.

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