LG G3 vs LG G4 OLED TV: What's New?

By Naila Syifa
Updated March 2024


LG G series offers a range of high-end OLED TVs that are known for their exceptional picture quality and stunning gallery design. Released in March 2024, the LG G4 is the latest addition to the G series. How does this new model compare to its predecessor, the LG G3? Let's find out by comparing the features and specifications of both models across a few key aspects!

Key Takeaways

LG G4 is better than G3 with a new Alpha 11 processor that offers improved imaging and richer audio. It can also now create virtual 11.1.2 surround sound, while G3 could only create virtual 9.1.1 surround sound. G4 also adds new Matter support, allowing the TV to become a smart home hub for Matter-compatible devices.


LG G3 OLED evo

2023 Version

✓ α9 AI Processor Gen6
✓ MLA, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos
✓ Virtual 9.1.2 Up-mix
✓ webOS 23


LG G4 OLED evo

2024 Version

✓ α11 AI Processor 4K
✓ MLA, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
✓ Virtual 11.1.2 Up-mix
✓ webOS 24

#1 Price



As high-end TVs, both the LG G3 and LG G4 OLED TVs come with a premium price tag. The G3 starts at around $1,900 for its smallest 55-inch size and goes up to about $5,300 for its largest 83-inch size.

 The G4, on the other hand, is even more expensive than its predecessor, with a starting price of around $2,600 for the 55-inch model and going up to about $6,500 for the 83-inch model. The G4 even offers a new 97-inch size, which is very expensive at $25,000.

#2 Design



In terms of design, both TVs are particularly similar. LG G4 retains the Gallery Design of its predecessor, which features a sleek, ultra-thin bezel and the Zero Gap Wall Mount that leaves virtually no gap between the TV and the wall, making the TV look like a piece of art when wall-mounted.

The design looks premium and polished, and what makes the G series stand out from the other LG OLED TV lines is its uniformly slim profile with a thickness of only 0.94" (2.4 cm), which is different from the mid-range C series which has a chunkier lower profile.

Both models come in 55", 65", 77”, and 83” sizes, but the G4 also offers a new 97-inch size, which has not been available since the G2.

#3 Picture Quality



The G3 OLED TV is one of the first LG TVs that features the revolutionary Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, which is currently the brightest OLED panel from LG. The G4 retains this technology, making both models capable of delivering stunning picture quality that is 150% brighter than the entry-level non-evo OLED TV models like the LG B4

Such exceptional brightness can also be found in the more premium Signature OLED M3 and M4 TVs from LG, with the M4 being very similar to the G4 except for its wireless connectivity.

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The G4 also introduces a new generation of Alpha 11 Processor that improves upon the G3's older Alpha 9 Processor. The result is that the G4 is able to deliver even more accurate and realistic colors, deeper blacks, smoother motion handling, and improved AI-based upscaling.

Some other display features of the G4 include HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Filmmaker Mode, all of which were also present in the G3. These features enable you to turn your space into a home theater with a cinema-like experience.

#4 Sound Quality



Both TVs feature a speaker system of 4.2 channels, with features like Dolby Atmos, LG Sound Sync, and Bluetooth Surround Ready, all of which allow for a powerful and immersive audio experience.

LG claims that the Alpha 11 chip in the G4 helps to deliver "richer and fuller audio", making the audio experience slightly better than the G3.

Another difference to note is that the G4 offers an improved AI Sound Pro that now can up-mix two-channel audio to virtual 11.1.2 surround sound, a more immersive listening experience compared to the AI Sound Pro in the G3 which only up-mixed to virtual 9.1.2 surround sound. This feature makes it possible to enjoy a more cinematic sound experience in your home, even without additional speakers or soundbars.

#5 Smart Features



Both the LG G3 and LG G4 OLED TVs come with smart features that enhance the user experience. They run on LG's webOS platform, which is known for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation. However, the G3 runs on the 2023 version of webOS, the webOS 23, while the G4 offers a newer webOS 24 that allows the creation of up to 10 different user profiles and a MultiView that displays up to 4 different contents simultaneously instead of 2.

Some other smart features both models have in common include a magic remote, voice control, Intelligent Voice Recognition, sports alerts, a full web browser, free access to 300+ LG Channels, ThinQ AI, and more. Both TVs also work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Hey Google, and Apple Airplay 2.



The G4 even provides support for Matter, a new connectivity standard that allows for seamless integration of smart home devices. This allows the TV to become a hub for you to manage and control Matter-compatible smart devices in your home.

A range of gaming features are also available on both models, notably the LG Game Dashboard, Game Optimizer, NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR, all of which make for a smooth and immersive gaming experience. One improvement that the G4 offers over the G3 is the upgraded maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, higher than the 120Hz maximum refresh rate of the G3.


Final Thoughts



LG G4 is a worthy upgrade from the LG G3, with improvements in processing power, picture quality, sound quality, and smart features. However, it comes with a higher price tag than its predecessor, making it a more significant investment.

If you want to save some money and don't mind having slightly older technology, the LG G3 is still a great high-end OLED TV with exceptional picture quality and a range of smart features.

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