Samsung QN90A vs QN90B: How Do They Differ?

By Naila Syifa
Updated October 2023

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

If you're looking for a smart TV with great picture quality, Samsung has a wide range of options to choose from. Two of Samsung's popular models are the QN90A and QN90B, which have a lot of similarities but also some key differences. In this article, we will take a closer look at 6 important aspects of both TVs to help you make an informed decision.

SpecsSamsung QN90ASamsung QN90B
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Size Options50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85” 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”
Display TechnologyNeo QLEDNeo QLED
ProcessorNeo Quantum Processor 4KNeo Quantum Processor 4K
HDRQuantum HDR 32XQuantum HDR 32X
Dolby AtmosYesYes
Object Tracking Sound+YesYes
Video CallNoGoogle Duo
EyeComfort ModeNoYes
Xbox Game PassNoYes
RemoteOne RemoteSolarCell Remote

Key Takeaways

QN90A and QN90B have comparable picture and sound quality, but the QN90B has better gaming support with its Xbox Game Pass. The QN90B also offers more smart features that the QN90A doesn't have, such as EyeComfort Mode and Google Duo for video calling.

Samsung QN90A

Samsung QN90A

2021 Neo QLED TV

✓ Quantum Matrix Technology
✓ Dolby with OTS+
✓ Built-in Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant
✓ Super Ultrawide GameView

Samsung QN90B

Samsung QN90B

2022 Neo QLED TV

✓ Quantum Matrix Technology
✓ Dolby with OTS+
✓ Video calling with Google Duo
✓ Xbox and Nvidia GeForce Now

#1 Price

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90A

Samsung QN90A and QN90B have around a US$100 price gap. The QN90A 55" model was priced at $1,799.99 at the time it was first released in 2021, while the QN90B 55" model was priced at $1,899.99 when it was released in 2022. The prices of both models have since dropped, with the QN90B currently priced at $1,299.99 while the QN90A is slightly more expensive at $1,399.99.

#2 Design

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90B

Samsung QN90A and QN90B look almost identical with the NeoSlim Design and a curved back panel. The bezel on both TVs is ultra-thin, which gives them a sleek and modern look. With the Ambient Mode+ feature, you can even display artwork on the TV when it's not in use, which adds a nice touch to any room. Both models also feature 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a LAN port for a wired connection.

One difference is that the QN90A comes with One Remote, while the QN90B comes with SolarCell Remote. Even though they share a similar design, the SolarCell Remote has the added advantage of recharging itself with solar energy, which means you don't have to worry about replacing the batteries.

#3 Picture Quality

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Quantum Matrix Technology

As Samsung Neo QLED TV, both the QN90A and QN90B feature Quantum Matrix Technology with Mini LEDs that help to produce stunning picture quality with brilliant details day and night. The 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot produces a wide range of accurate colors, while the Quantum HDR 32x ensures realistic contrast.

At 4K resolution, both TVs offer an immersive viewing experience with sharp and clear images. Even if your TV is not displaying native 4K content, the Neo Quantum Processor 4K with AI Upscaling can enhance the picture quality of lower-resolution content to near 4K quality.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ is also available in both models, which reduces motion blur and provides smoother motion for fast-paced content like sports or action movies. If you're a movie fan, the Filmmaker Mode feature in both models also lets you enjoy movies with the cinematic experience as the director intended.

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Some other common features in both TVs that enhance the picture quality are the Ultra Viewing Angle, which ensures that the picture looks great from any angle, and the Anti-Reflection technology that reduces glare and reflections on the screen.

One key difference between both models is that the QN90B also features a Real Depth Enhancer, which adds more depth to the picture by adjusting the contrast in different parts of the screen. This helps to create a more life-like image with better details and textures.

#4 Sound Quality

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90B

Both Samsung QN90A and QN90B feature Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound+, which provides a more realistic audio experience by tracking the movement of objects on the screen and adjusting the sound accordingly.

If you also own compatible Samsung soundbars, the Q-Symphony feature allows for seamless synchronization between the TV and soundbars for an even more immersive audio experience.

Both the QN90A and QN90B can also detect real-time noise levels and enhance the on-screen voice to make it clearer and easier to understand, thanks to the Active Voice Amplifier feature. With all these comparable audio features, both models don't have significant differences in terms of sound quality.

#5 Smart Features

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90A

Both Samsung QN90A and QN90B are equipped with the Tizen operating system, which provides a user-friendly interface and access to a wide variety of apps, streaming services, and a web browser.

The Samsung TV Plus offers a free streaming service with over 150 channels and growing, so you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or sports without an added cost. Fitness and wellness content are also available with Samsung Health, so you can follow along with workout routines or meditations right from your TV.

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90B

Both TVs also have built-in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby, which allows you to control the TV with your voice and access other smart devices in your home. In addition, the Multi View feature is available in both models, which allows you to split the screen and watch two different contents from your TV and phone at the same time, such as when watching sports and monitoring the live stats simultaneously.

However, the QN90B offers some additional features that the QN90A doesn't have, including EyeComfort Mode, which reduces eye strain by adjusting the blue light for comfort, and the Google Duo app for video calling with your friends and family from your TV.

#6 Gaming Support

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90B

If you're a gamer, both Samsung QN90A and QN90B are great choices. Both TVs feature Auto Game Mode (ALLM) for ultra-low latency, which automatically optimizes the TV settings for less lag, less drag, and more time to win.

With the Super Ultrawide GameView available on both models, you can play games in 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios for a wider and more immersive gaming experience. In addition, the Game Bar lets you adjust the settings quickly without leaving the game, such as adjusting the screen ratio, input lag check, FPS, HDR, wireless headset settings, and more.

One advantage that the QN90B has over the QN90A is the built-in Xbox Game Pass app, which lets you play over 100 Xbox games without the need for a console. Nvidia GeForce NOW is also available on the QN90B, which allows you to play PC games on your TV with cloud gaming technology.

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Final Thoughts

Samsung QN90A vs QN90B

Samsung QN90A

Overall, both the Samsung QN90A and QN90B share many common features that make them great choices for a smart TV with excellent picture quality, sound quality, smart features, and gaming support. However, the QN90B has some additional features like the Real Depth Enhancer, EyeComfort Mode, Google Duo, Xbox Game Pass, and the added SolarCell Remote, which make it a better choice than the QN90A.

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