This Portable Air Conditioner Is Quickly Becoming The Must-Have Gift Of 2021

Coolify is truly a game-changer in hot weather! Unbox Therapy, Rolling Stone, Fast Company and more have all raved about it and with good reason!

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With hundreds of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about Coolify that's making everyone want one?

TORRAS Coolify

Note: You'll probably never leave home without again on a hot day!

With the weather these days, you know it can get really hot sometimes. After all, Singapore is a tropical country. Yet, finding a way to stay cool is always top of the mind and no easy task. Cold water, ice cream, coconut water... we've tried it all. The heat can be so unbearable that it makes it difficult for us to focus on anything sometimes.

The great news is, portable air conditioners now exist. Meet Coolify.

Coolify is now becoming one of the most sought products to combat the unforgiving heat. In as quick as 3 seconds, it is able to reduce your body temperature and give you the much needed relief. Don't lose your mind and mood over how hot it is again.

Sounds like magic? Indeed, the experience is magical but the tech is backed by a bunch of science and we'll dive a little deeper into it to give you a better understanding of how it works.

Creating the first wearable air conditioner

Rolling Stone: "Best Portable Air Conditioner Neck"

TORRAS Coolify

Air conditioners have become an invention that most people have come to love and have been widely adopted as a means for us to keep cool indoors. However, when it's time to step outdoors, the blistering heat easily becomes extremely uncomfortable for many.

The inventors of Coolify thought long and hard about the problem and set down to design the first ever wearable air conditioner. A device that could keep us cool and comfortable wherever we go.

The TORRAS Coolify is the most technologically advanced personal air conditioning unit to be created. Design and tech-wise, it uses a Ku Peltier Radiator and 3D Airflow Design to help lower your body temperature in just 3 seconds. The game changing technology and benefits is what makes it one of the most popular gadgets of the year.

Keeping your cool with Coolify

How does the TORRAS Coolify work?

TORRAS Coolify

It's rather simple yet smart. And that's how great products are created.

The TORRAS Coolify works mainly using two mechanisms — a radiator and air vents.

The TORRAS Coolify uses a Ku Peltier Radiator, which is the main secret to this personal air conditioner device. To simply put, a radiator is a heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating.

In this case, it is mainly used for what is called semiconductor refrigeration. Sounds complex? We'll break it down for you.

When the device is activated, the radiator that is in contact with your skin becomes extremely cold by transferring the heat from inside the device and outward to the external environment. This is the process of semiconductor refrigeration.

The cooling sensation is immediately felt by your body and is primarily the science behind lowering your body temperature. If you're slightly concerned about whether this is harmful, you'd be glad to know that this process is generally harmless and is akin to putting an ice pack on your neck. Just without the wet mess!

TORRAS Coolify

Next, the powerful air vents. The TORRAS Coolify is engineered with a patented 3D airflow double vent design that uses 36 vents to blow air up and down your neck. The downward air vents help prevent sweating on your neck, while the upward vents help you breathe better and keep your face cool. This ensures a complete coverage of the main heat receptors of our body.

With a 4-channel air cavity and 5000 RPM motor, the TORRAS Coolify creates a powerful 360° wind to keep you cool. It comes with 3 different built-in fan speeds for you to choose from. The powerful air vents provide the much needed external comfort from heat.

With Coolify, the combination of the radiator and air vents into one device creates a product that effectively reduces your body temperature and keeps you cool.

It's lightweight and long-lasting

Fast Company: "(Coolify) can spare you from having to crank the AC when just one person is feeling hot. The Coolify fulfills that goal, so it could arguably pay for itself in the long run."

TORRAS Coolify

Look cool while staying cool

The TORRAS Coolify was designed to be lightweight and hands-free, sitting lightly on your neck like a pair of headphones and seamlessly blending with any outfit. You can go about your usual activities without having to worry of it coming in your way. Take it out for hikes, golf sessions, and just about your every day in the sun.

With a bladeless design and engineering, Coolify prevents your hair from twisting and entangling in the fan and provides the much needed safety for children and older adults. You can be rest assured to wear the TORRAS Coolify knowing that it is safe and also easy for the family to use.

TORRAS Coolify

The best traveling companion.

The TORRAS Coolify only requires 2.5 hours to fully charge and you can use it for over 8 hours at a time, depending on the fan speed selected. You can take it out with you on outings or your next adventure and be confident that it has enough power to keep you cool on your day out. Eve portable fans might not last that long!

It also has multiple power supply options and that means you can easily charge your TORRAS Coolify via a computer, power bank, laptops, and more. If you're on the go, easily charge it up with a portable power bank when the battery goes flat.

Does it really actually work?

TORRAS Coolify

We get it... there is reason to be sceptical if the TORRAS Coolify actually works because like with most gadgets that are relatively new, it's just hard to believe until you've tried it.

If you take it from the hundreds of 5-star reviews, they could easily feel a difference in seconds. The cooling sensation from the radiator paired with the bi-directional wind provided a unique comfort that's almost instant. Take their word for it!

"My wife loves it. She wears it while working around the house. She loves it when she gets hot flashes." — Joseph

"I didn't believe it actually worked... like the other neck fans I thought it would just move air around... boy was I wrong. This thing really cools you down! I took it out of the box turned it on...then turned on the cooler and was shocked how quickly it got cold and how quickly I started cooling down! IT WORKS! Really works! What a great gadget!" — Racer

"This is by far the best neck fan I have ever used. I know it cost more than the usual neck fans out there but you definitely get what you pay for. This has been such a life changer for me. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on so many other cheap neck fans and they always break and are cheesy. Take it from me, this thing is amazing!!" — Tamara

If you still find it hard to believe the science and like to see it in action, you can take a look at the product review by one of the most reputable tech reviewers on Youtube below.

If you like to check it out for yourself, we've got our hands on a demo that's available for you to try. Find out more about the TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner below or visit our store here to experience it for yourself.

TORRAS Coolify

First portable air conditioner

Beat the heat and cool down on hot days with you very own portable air conditioner that reduces your body temperature in just 3 seconds.