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Kaelyn Chua - Mar 2021

You Need A Click & Grow Smart Garden: Here's 5 Reasons Why

Every Singaporean can tell you what it’s like to live in a "Garden City", but very few can actually tell you what it's like to live with a garden. With 8 in 10 Singaporeans living in high rise public housing, space constraints make owning a personal garden impractical, at least that has always been the case — until now.

Cue the Click and Grow Smart Garden, a small indoor gardening unit that aims to provide you with all the benefits of gardening without all the mess that comes with it. If you're looking to grow some of your favourite herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables the Click and Grow Smart Garden might just be for you.

Introducing Click and Grow

Click And Grow Smart Garden 9

The Click and Grow Smart Garden functions similar to a coffee capsule machine, but instead of disposable coffee pods it makes use of biodegradable plant pods which contain the seeds along with minerals and nutrients.

Designed to be easy and stress-free to maintain, the garden is self-watering, does not require additional fertilisers and even comes with an energy-efficient LED lamp with an inbuilt timer for optimal plant growth. For total beginners worried about potentially still messing up, you'll be glad to know that Click and Grow will happily replace any plant pod that doesn't sprout so garden in peace knowing there are 0 ways to screw up!

Now that you have a better idea of what the Click and Grow Smart Garden is all about, let's get down to the 5 reasons why you absolutely need one.

#1 It's The Ultimate Set-It-And-Forget-It Garden System

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

A key defining feature of the Click and Grow that sets it apart from other smart gardens is its use of Smart Soil. Smart Soil is a unique nano-tech growth medium that is 100% clean and enriched with nutrients and minerals which are evenly distributed to your plants' roots. This takes a huge burden off your shoulders as it can be difficult to estimate the right amount of fertiliser required to maintain nutrient levels in regular soil in order to ensure healthy and reliable plant growth.

The smart soil in each Click and Grow Plant Pod is tailored specifically to meet the requirements of each individual plant in the collection and moisture is evenly distributed throughout the soil to ensure even plant root growth. Essentially, the Click and Grow takes care of almost everything needed for your plant to thrive so you can sit back, relax and simply watch your plants grow.

#2 Its 100% Safe For Your Kids

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Its understandable that food safety is an important concern for most parents and caregivers. With the Click and Grow, every batch of smart soil undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure that the soil is completely free from harmful substances such as fungicides, pesticides and MSG that are commonly found in grocery store produce.

#3. Its Really Healthy

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Sticking to the recommended daily intake of salt can be difficult when majority of supermarket greens contain high amounts of sodium. Well, you'll be glad to know that Click & Grow contains absolutely no added salt so you consume the herbs and veggies from your garden knowing that you're doing the best for your body.

#4 The pods are 100% BPA free

Click And Grow Pods

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound associated with many health complications, its often found in plastic packaging and canned food containers of the food purchased in grocery stores. In contrast, Click & Grow created their packaging with the notion of sustainability and conscious consumerism in mind. Hence none of their products contain BPA, giving you the privilege of a more sustainable diet and a lower carbon footprint.

#5 Its Great Fun & Learning For Kid

Theragun Attachments

Click And Grow Smart Garden 9

Growing food with your kids is one of the healthiest, most inspiring activities you can do. From a young age, kids can develop healthy eating habits, appreciating and enjoying homegrown fresh produce in their diet. On the developmental side, they can learn how plants grow to pique their curiosity about life and the environment around us. All in all, it is a great bonding activity for the family to learn, eat, and enjoy the process together.

Choosing your first Smart Garden

There are 2 main Click and Grow models we offer, each one is catered to a slightly different demographic but both equally sleek and fully capable of providing you with the best gardening experience possible. Whatever your indoor gardening needs are, we’ve got you covered. 

For The Space Saver: Smart Garden 3

Perfect for entry level indoor gardening
Grows 3 fresh plants at a time
Ideal for small living spaces
Best for people who live alone 
Good For Children

For The Family: Smart Garden 9

Perfect family sized upgrade
Grows 9 fresh plants at a time
Larger than the Smart Garden 3
Compact enough to fit in most kitchens
Greater yields suited for cooking

Final Thoughts

Ultimately no matter which model you decide on, we're confident that your body and mind will thank you for it. With the Click and Grow, you'll finally have the chance to enjoy home-grown fresh, clean and healthy food regardless of where you live. The bottom line is that Click and Grow is a device that requires minimal effort yet produces maximum results — home gardening truly can't get much better this.

To see the full collection for Click and Grow, you can visit the link here or experience it first-hand at our physical store, Synced by District.

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