Aqara D1 Wall Switch

Sale price$48.00
Easily turn your traditional lights into smart lights
✓ Smart automation
✓ App remote control
✓ Voice control
✓ Easy installation

Type: Single Rocker (With Neutral)


Light Up Your Life as You Wish

Aqara D1 Wall Switch easily turns your traditional light into smart lights with automatic control.

App Remote Control

Forgot to turn off the lights? No worries. Simply open Aqara Home or Apple Home app, check the status of your home lights, and turn them off right away on the app.

Set Timers

Set timers for your lights and they will turn on automatically as you like.

Voice Control Your Lights

Ask your favorite voice assistant to control the lights in different rooms.

Integrate With Aqara Devices

Set the lights to automatically turn on as soon as you arrive home to give you a warm welcome.

Aqara D1 Wall Switch

Technical Specifications