Belkin Economy Series 6-Socket Surge Protector

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Keep your Electronic Devices Protected
✓ 476 joules of surge protection
✓ Keeps your entry-level computer, peripherals and household electronics protected
✓ Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 6 outlets

Protect Against Spikes and Fluctuations

There is no need to worry about your general household electronics when they are connected to a Belkin Surge Protector. Disturbances in the steady flow of power are common and damaging, but don't worry.

Features a 476 Joule Energy Rating to Provide Basic Protection for Entry-Level Computers, Peripherals, and Household Electronics

Grounds AC Power with 3-Line Protection Through All 6 Outlets

Delivers Power Through a 3-Metre, Heavy-Duty Cable

Maximum Spike Current: 13,000 Amps

Belkin Economy Series 6-Socket Surge Protector

Technical Specifications