Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

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An easy magnetic wireless charging stand
✓ Perfect magnetic alignment
✓ Use your phone while it charges
✓ Easy one-handed placement
✓ Charge in portrait or landscape

Color: Black


Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

MagSafe technology is changing the charging game. Give any iPhone 12 a fast, efficient, and secure charge when you snap it into a wireless charger with perfect alignment every time. No need to interrupt your streaming or scrolling while it charges in portrait or landscape.

One-Handed Placement

Using the MagSafe feature of your iPhone 12 lets you snap it magnetically into perfect alignment with one hand, allows for fast, wireless charging efficiency up to 7.5W, and keeps your phone from disconnecting from power if bumped.

Portrait or Landscape

Keep using your iPhone 12 while it charges in multiple viewing angles. Read recipes in the kitchen or stream video while getting ready in the morning.

Safe and Secure

An LED light on the stand indicates if there’s any charging interruption from a foreign object that could potentially harm your phone.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

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