Click & Grow 25

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For your new sustainable lifestyle
✓ Grow up to 25 plants at once
✓ Grow your own fresh herbs all year round
✓ Non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide-free
✓ Space-efficient modular design

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A Farmers Market in Your Home

The Click & Grow 25 allows you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle full of the freshest, most nutritious home-grown leafy greens. It takes care of watering, lighting and the connected app helps you track your plants and receive tips on how to grow the most bountiful greens.

App-Controlled Automatic Lighting

App-Enabled Water Monitoring

Sustainable Energy Use

Weekly Harvest, Constant Availability

Fresh Greens, Always Available

Simply fill trays one at a time, remove the first after 5 weeks and replace with a new one to enjoy a continuous harvest. Take the removed tray to a table where you eat or to a kitchen counter where you prepare your meals. The plants in the removed tray stay fresh for up to a week, preserving all of their nutrients and avoiding food waste.

Perfect for Households of Any Size

It's modular and customizable in size, allowing you to grow anywhere from 25 to hundreds of your favorite greens at home with ease. Stack units according to where you want to grow and how much yield you require.

Premium Quality Greens for Less

Get creative with tasty and nutritious home-grown greens worthy of Michelin star restaurants. Click & Grow 25 allows you to skip the hassle of sourcing the ultimate ingredients and provides all the qualities of the best farmers market produce. All of this at a price comparable to lousy grocery store greens.

Spend Time on What Matters to You

Skip the grocery store commute and digging into gardening books, we’ve got your greens covered! Using the Click & Grow 25 requires minimal maintenance and no plant knowledge. You’ll get premium quality home-grown veggies without taking up a new time-consuming hobby.

Click & Grow 25

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