EZVIZ C6 2K+ Smart Home Camera

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Protection Made Easy & Enjoyable
✓ Automatically zooms in up to 4 times to follow human movements
✓ Alerts you if the noise level suddenly changes
✓ Renders every detail in sharp 2K⁺ resolution

Protection Made Easy & Enjoyable

A camera small in size, but big on functionality. With on-camera AI, the C6 2K⁺ identifies humans and pets in an instant, and detects abnormal sounds to add an extra layer of protection. Its impressive video and audio quality delivers leading performance. Enhance your home and be there for your loved ones with the joy and confidence that the C6 offers.

Panoramic View

AI-Powered Human & Pet Detection

Two-Way Calling

Privacy Shutter

Impressive 2K+ Video Quality

The C6 camera excels at seeing everything clearly and vividly. It renders every detail in sharp 2K⁺ resolution, effectively reduces image overexposures, and provides color imaging in extremely low-light conditions.

Smart Tracking

The camera can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving object so you see details and get the whole picture at the same time. You can always enable the AI option to detect and track specifically human movements.

Reliable Alerts

The camera alerts you if the noise level suddenly changes – whether your baby cries or a siren breaks out. Your family members can also simply wave at the camera to initiate a video call to your phone.

A Good Audio Experience

Communication is the basis of companionship and the EZVIZ C6 provides audio quality better than you’d expect

EZVIZ C6 2K+ Smart Home Camera

Technical Specifications