EZVIZ E6 Indoor Smart Home Camera

Sale price$139.00
Picture-perfect Protection, Pro Style
✓ Rotates to catch every angle
✓ Automatically zooms in up to 4 times to track movements
✓ Alerts you if the noise level suddenly changes
✓ Powerful infrared lights render sharp nighttime imaging

Picture-perfect Protection, Pro Style

Introduce EZVIZ E6, its first HomeKit-compatible security camera. Sleek styling with unrivaled functionality, it is designed to protect the whole family with even greater convenience. Excellent video quality, plenty of unique AI detection features, and wide compatibility with available smart home systems all make the camera a security.

3K Resolution

Panoramic View

AI-Powered Human & Pet Detection

Privacy Shutter

For Any Place You Call Home

Apartments, condos, villas. Rented or owned. A new-build or an old house. The E6 is a plug-in Wi-Fi camera that can get installed easily, and boasts flexible features to cover different protection needs.

Make Every Detail Count

The E6 camera is very serious about video quality. It rotates to catch every angle with unprecedented 3K video clarity, while effectively reducing image overexposures to render scenes with balanced brightness.

Protects The Whole Family

It’s important to know if you’re needed by your loved ones. The camera alerts you if the noise level suddenly changes – whether your baby cries or a siren blares. Even those who are not so “tech savvy” will enjoy the E6. They can simply wave at the camera to initiate a video call to your phone.

Stay Informed

So many important activities take place at home, and the E6 ensures you’re aware of them. When you’re not home but need someone to babysit your kids or feed your pets, the camera will detect what’s happening and let you know.

EZVIZ E6 Indoor Smart Home Camera

Technical Specifications