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Red & Near-Infrared Light Recovery Device
✓ Accelerate your body's recovery & optimise health
✓ Increase blood flow and oxygenation
✓ Stimulate cells to regenerate faster
✓ Boost energy for improved self-healing

Colour: Charcoal Gray


Revolutionary Recovery Device

FlexBeam provides targeted red and near-infrared light proven to accelerate your body’s recovery and optimise health.


High-energy near-infrared and red LEDs.


Light and easy to use, bring it anywhere you go.


Delivers targeted dose in a 10 minute session.


Holds up to 5 sessions on a single charge.

Relieve Pain

Cut short painful processes caused by lack of oxygen in damaged tissue by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery where it’s needed.

Repair Muscle

Boost blood flow to eliminate the sore-causing serum lactate from your muscles. Promote the stem cell activity that rebuilds muscle tissue and helps them heal and recover.

Recharge Energy

Jumpstart your mitochondria - the organelles responsible for energy production, and give them the light they need to convert it ATP - your body’s energy currency.

Recover Faster

Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply a stressful day, near-infrared light can help you spring back to your feet faster. It helps your body heal itself by repairing the tissue more efficiently.


Technical Specifications