HoverAir X1

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Self-Flying Camera
✓ Pocket-sized drone
✓ 5 flight modes
✓ Intelligent flight paths
✓ Fully enclosed design and foldable frame

Color: Standard Pack (Black)


Make Flying Fun Again

An ultra-light flying camera designed to let you fly hands-free focused on capturing you and your life spontaneously.


At just 125g, HoverAir X1 is lighter than your cellphone.

Palm Takeoff

Launch the HoverAir X1 in just 3 seconds from the palm of your hand.

Intelligent Flight Paths

The HoverAir X1 comes with a selection of pre-programmed flight paths.

Triple Stabilization

The HoverAir X1 features a revolutionary Triple Stabilization hybrid anti-shake technology.

Intelligent Flight Paths

The HoverAir X1 offers various preset flight paths like Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, and Bird's Eye. You can easily customize your preferences, choosing between taking photos or video clips, while also adjusting the height, distance, and angle. With HoverAir X1, you have the flexibility to capture all the unique angles and shots you desire.

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) Positioning System

The VIO technology uses its surroundings to guide the drone precisely, eliminating the need for compass calibration and the reliance on GPS. This makes it worry-free for beginners to fly indoors and outdoors, without the risk of losing GPS signals or the drone flying off course.

Triple Stabilization System

The HoverAir X1 boasts an advanced triple-stabilization hybrid anti-shake technology, which incorporates both mechanical (pitch axis) and electronic (EIS) stabilization, along with horizon leveling for unmatched stability.

Discover More With The Smart App

The HoverAir X1's smart app links to your phone, giving you the ability to preview live video, tailor flight paths, discover content from users worldwide, and instantly share your own content with a single click.

HoverAir X1

Technical Specifications