myFirst Fone R1c

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Stay Linked, Stay Secure.
✓ Seamless connection with unlimited calls, video, and precise GPS
✓ SOS lifeline and Class mode for safety and distraction-free learning
✓ Parental oversight for reliable communication and enhanced features
✓ Stylish and functional with customizable straps

Unlock Safety and Adventure.

Ignite your child's potential with reliable communication and features to brighten your family's day!

Geofencing Safe Zone

By defining virtual boundaries, you receive instant notifications when your child enters or exits designated areas

Wrist-Mounted Music Player

With the capacity to store up to 500 songs, your child can enjoy their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere

Pedometer with Gravity Sensor

Encourage an active lifestyle with the integrated pedometer and gravity sensor

Safety At All Times

Activate SOS Emergency Call for immediate assistance

Effortless Communication.

Bridge distances effortlessly through reliable capabilities. These features enable you to share moments, advice, and support in real-time, enhancing your child's sense of security and connection, regardless of where they are. Call your child anytime whether it's a quick chat to check in on them or a heartfelt conversation.

Precise Tracking.

Track your child's movements accurately with the GPS precision location feature. Instantly locate them on a map, whether they're at a friend's house, school or any destination, ensuring their safety. Whether it's confirming their route to school or finding them in a crowded place, this feature provides invaluable peace of mind.

Instant Safety.

Safety is just a touch away with the SOS emergency call feature. Should your child find themselves in an urgent situation, upon activation, parents receive an instant emergency location alert coupled with a 30-second live recording of ambient sounds, ensuring swift and accurate response.

Distraction-Free Learning.

Create an optimal learning environment for your child with Class mode. Minimize distractions during study hours to provide the focused space they need for homework, learning apps, and exploration. Enhance their educational pursuits with a mode designed for concentrated learning.

myFirst Fone R1c

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